Story Synopsis: Age Of X-Man: The Marvelous X-Men

The X-Men have always fought for peace and they finally found it, but why aren’t they happy?  Find out if the X-Men can live in a world without war in this week’s Comic Rewind, Age Of X-Man: The Marvelous X-Men.

Professor X’s dream was for mutants and humans to co-exist and live in peace.  He opened a school to teach young mutants to use their powers responsibly, but fight against those who do not.  However, in this new world everyone is a mutant with no humans left. 

The X-Men now fought against natural disasters and helped young mutants when their powers manifested.  This new peace cost the lives of Hope Summers and her team of X-Men as they died fighting Stryfe. In order to keep the peace of this new world some new rules were strictly enforced.  Some of the rules were no bonding, no love and everyone must be alone.

Comic Age Of X-Man

The current team of X-Men included Magneto, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Nate Grey, Storm, Nature Girl and Bishop.  However, when Bishop and Jean have a forbidden night together Bishop was kicked off the team and all memories of him were erased.  Who was responsible for the mind wipe and why was everyone remembering a past which supposedly didn’t happen? 

Age Of X-Man: The Marvelous X-Men was written by Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson with art by Marco Failla and Ramon Rosanas.  Marvel Comics published the volume in 2019.

An Alternate Reality X-Men Comic Makes Me Happy

I love alternate reality comics and I love the X-Men so this volume was perfect for me.  Having the X-Men be happy and fulfilled was really nice. They have fought so hard and for so long they deserve to be happy.  However, this is the X-Men and they can never be happy.

The X-Men Being Happy Without Freedom Isn’t Very X-Men

It was interesting to see what the X-Men would do in this world of peace.  Optimism was breed into them by Prof. X so it is no surprise they never suspected anything.  I was surprised that they would be alright with such a lack of freedom. They fought for the freedom to co-exist with humans, but they don’t have a problem living without love and bonding.

Comic Age Of X-Man

After Bishop was arrested and replaced with X-23 with no memory of Bishop the comic got real interesting.  At that point it was a mystery who was behind it and why. I couldn’t wait to see how this world was different from the X-Men I know and love.

Let’s See How This X-Men World Is Different

The biggest change was that Beast was no longer one of the original X-Men and was replaced by Nate Grey.  However, the most shocking was that Apocalypse himself En Sabah Nur was preaching love. He set-up pop-up rallies and preached love and bonding.  However, the biggest violation was when Apocalypse kissed his son on the forehead and said he loved him. It was really weird to see Apocalypse holding peaceful rallies talking about love and I loved it.

I enjoyed this comic and loved the peek into an alternate reality, but it was lacking.  The villain was predictable and there was no big battle. It would have been great if the X-Men had to team up to beat this big bad.  Teaming up is what X-Men comics are all about, but not in this one.  This powerful villain was like “ok I give up.”

The volume was good and worth a read if you love alternate reality X-Men comics, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to read it.



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