Story Synopsis: X-Force Vol. 1: Sins Of The Past

The remnants of X-Force led by Domino are on the hunt for a man from the future who is selling futuristic weapons, but could it really be the man they think it is?  Find out if he is a friend or foe and if they can forgive him, in this week’s Comic Rewind: X-Force Vol. 1: Sins Of The Past

X-Force consisting of Domino, Shatterstar, Warpath, Cannonball and Boom-Boom were hunting down a man who may have been selling weapons to known anti-mutant groups in exchange for information. This was a pretty standard mission for X-Force, but what is not standard is who this man may have been.  The man may have been a younger version of their old leader, Cable.

What they knew about him was that he looked like a younger Cable, had a metal arm, a glowing eye and he killed their Cable.  They have been calling him Kid Cable, but they aren’t sure if he really is Cable.

X-Force Comic

The president for the country of Transia had opened its borders as a safe haven for mutants.  A great deal of European mutants had flocked to Transia. However, when the president was killed and replaced with an anti-mutants commandant Kid Cable and Deathlok stepped in.

However, what happened when X-Force and Kid Cable crossed paths?  Could they work together to stop a common foe? Would X-Force be able to forgive Kid Cable for killing their Cable?

X-Force Vol. 1: Sins Of The Past was written by Ed Brisson with art by Dylan Burnett, Jesus Aburtov and Damian Couceiro.  Marvel Comics published the volume in 2018.

X-Force Vol. 1: A New Sleeker Model Of Cable

I have always been smitten with Cable.  He is this really gruff badass character who always has a trick up his sleeve.  However, seeing a young Cable on the cover of this was a weird sight for me. It made me want to read this and find out why my silver-haired fox is like 18 years old now.

The good news is Kid Cable is just as badass as our Cable.  However, his confidence comes across as argonance. Our Cable has seen some serious crap in his life and has earned that confidence, but Kid Cable has not earned it yet.  

A little history on Kid Cable is he was sent from the future to send the original X-Men back to the past.  Beast grabbed the original X-Men and took them into his present as seen in All-New X-Men.  Our Cable didn’t do his job and send them back and because he failed it caused time anomalies. 

X-Force Comic

X-Force Provides Less Force Than Expected

I liked this volume, but I wanted more action with Kid Cable.  Having a younger Cable could really shed a light on what our Cable had been through.  I wanted to see Kid Cable make mistakes because of inexperience and make reckless decisions because of youth.  However, I also wanted to see Kid Cable be faster and more agile than our hulking man Cable. They didn’t show any of those differences in this comic.  Kid Cable is just Cable but younger and thinner.

This comic is very mature when it comes to violence.  People die a lot and have their heads blown off and be ripped in half.  I was not expecting it to be so graphic. It was not gory because we don’t actually see any blood, but we do see a complete head become incomplete between two panels.  I didn’t dislike it, but it just caught me off guard.  

The Design Of X-Force Was A Little Off

Something I disliked was the character design.  The shapes of the characters was weird. Warpath is a man with shoulders 6 feet wide, but Domino’s are 6 inches wide.  It isn’t all the time or every character, but the inconsistency was distracting. I also don’t like that kind of grotesque art style.

This volume was a little boring, but not bad.  I wanted more action and fighting, but this was lacking a lot of the time.  This is more of a set-up for Kid Cable and his backstory than I was expecting.  The following volumes I’m sure will have the action I wanted.

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