Prom Dates is the new Hulu Original Movie that explores friendship, sexuality, and high school debauchery. Throughout the film, we follow Jess and Hannah. The two are lifelong besties who made a blood pact to have the perfect senior prom. However, nothing ever goes as planned; especially in high school. Twenty-Four House before Prom, Jess breaks up with her cheating boyfriend, and Hannah is coming to terms with her sexuality breaking the heart of her boyfriend. So now the girls are on the hunt to find dates to Prom so that the entire night isn’t ruined for them forever.

Antonia Gentry (Ginny & Georgia) and Julia Lester (HSMTMTS) are fantastic together. Their friendship dynamic truly embodies what it’s like during that tumultuous time. I do think Hannah goes on a much stronger self-discovery journey than Jess. In a way Jess almost feels forgotten, never truly learning the lessons she’s supposed to throughout the film. Hannah on the other hand is the star. While her journey is messier, she truly finds and accepts herself; flaws and all.

Jordan Buhat (Grown-ish) and Kenny Ridwan (The Goldbergs) are hilarious as the “heartbroken” exes. Buhat somehow manages to make an unlikable character charming enough that you don’t hate him. Terry Hu (Zombies 3) plays Hannah’s love interest. Their magnetism and chemistry with Julia Lester is lights-out.

I appreciate the raw and realness of D.J. Mausner’s Prom Dates script. Too many Young Adult films and TV Series are trying to go back to the fake wholesomeness of a time gone by. I’m sorry, but even when your grandparents were teenagers they were up to some serious shenanigans. While, yes, the script is exaggerated for effect it’s still incredibly relatable with heartwarming moments. I loved the scene between Hannah and Jess where they have it out and come back together. That’s what real friendship is. That’s what relationships are. You go through the tough times and somehow figure out your way back.

Prom Dates Premieres only on Hulu on Friday, May 3! Make sure to check it out!