When it comes to Spider-Man you can count on a few things. Number one he will more then likely save the day. And Number two he seems to always get the girl. When you look at Spider-Man’s list of girlfriends throughout his history he seems to never have an issue there. In fact, you can say that his romances helped his character grow in interesting ways over the years. Because of these relationships we have been introduced to new and interesting characters and he has swung his way into their stories as well. So here we go here is my Spider-Man’s top 10 romances.

Number 10. Carol Danvers (MS Marvel)


MS Marvel and Spider-Man were no strangers to each other. In MS. Marvel #34 they decided to go on a date. Well I guess decided is not the word to use negotiate is more like it. Carol was unable to use her powers and Spider-Man showed up in time to save her, but he said he wanted a date if he helped her. Well he got his date.

Number 9. Silver Sable


We were first introduced to Silver Sable in Amazing Spider-Man #265. After Sable’s mother was murdered, her father trained her in combat and espionage. The two teamed up a lot but it wasn’t until the “Ends of the Earth” that she finally told Spider-Man how she felt about him. After that she sacrificed herself some think to save Peter.

Number 8. Betty Brant


Betty and Peter first met while they were working at the Daily Bugle. Their relationship started like most normal ones. Betty sat with Peter Parker after an attack from the Vulture they held each other and the sparks flew. Now her feelings for Spider-Man were a little different she blamed him for killing her brother in Amazing Spider-man #13.

Number 7. Debra Whitman


Peter Parker and Debra Whitman met in Amazing Spider-Man #196. Debra and Peter went on a lot of date but those dates were interrupted almost every time because Spider-Man was need elsewhere. Because of this Debra suspected that Peter was Spider-Man. But when Peter revealed his secret identity it didn’t go the way he thought it would.

Number 6. Carlie Cooper


Carlie Cooper first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #545. Cooper became Peter Parker’s first serious relationship after it all ended with Mary Jane. Believe it or not it was Mary Jane that helped Carlie and Peter hookup. Unfortunately, their romance didn’t last because of Peter being gone a lot and she decided to break things off.

Number 5. Kitty Pryde


This unusual romance started as a rebound relationship right after Peter and Mary Jane broke up. It only took one date some crime fighting and of course a superhero passionate kiss for X-Men’s Kitty Pryde Spider-Man to get serious. But crime fighting can put a lot of stress into a relationship and they broke up.

Number 4. SILK

We learn that in 2014’s Amazing Spider-Man #1 peter was not the only person bite by that radioactive spider. We learn of another student named Cindy Moon. When Peter learned about Cindy Moon his Spider-Sense went out of control and they kissed. Cindy also know as Silk was also able to produce her own webbing unlike Spider-Man.