Immaculate: (in the Roman Catholic Church) free from sin.

In Immaculate Sydney Sweeney (Madame Web) plays Sister Cecilia. Sister Cecilia is an American nun who accepts a position at Our Lady of Sorrows. This particular Convent is a hospice for infirm and dying nuns located in rural Italy. However, her time there transforms into a harrowing ordeal as she uncovers a dark secret and unimaginable terrors lurking within. So, as the story unfolds, Sister Cecilia finds herself unexplainably pregnant. A zealous convent then confines her convinced she bears the second coming of Christ.

While it’s easy to compare to Rosemary’s Baby, Immaculate asserts its individuality as a darker, more chilling, and confrontational rendition of a comparable narrative. The film offers a thrilling and entertaining journey with its exaggerated premise, Nun-sploitation captivating storyline, as well as a gruesome conclusion. Immaculate delivers a rollercoaster of emotions, blending elements of horror and suspense to create a truly unforgettable experience for viewers. I was completely immersed in the escalating sense of danger, and impending doom, as well as the remarkable final girl moments brought to life by Sydney Sweeney.


On the surface, Immaculate is a story about a girl who gets impregnated against her will and fights for her freedom. However, the theming hits deeper than this if you allow it. In an era where women are actively advocating for their right to bodily autonomy, Sweeney’s character not only combats the oppressive religious figures who seek to control her body but also challenges the audience to reflect on their own beliefs and biases. The film serves as a poignant commentary on the ongoing societal struggles surrounding women’s rights and the constant battle for self-determination in the face of external pressures and expectations.

Sweeny is no stranger to people feeling they have rights to her body from writers/directors, Comedy Skits, “Journalists”, and fans. So, while I have always been on the fence about Sydney Sweeney as an actress I have gained huge respect for her after watching Immaculate. Previously, I’ve always felt she does her job while acting, but she hadn’t found her stand-out moment until now. Sweeney’s performance as Sister Cecilia is her best to date. Her portrayal is fantastic and captivating as she navigates through the intense and gripping scenes.

If you’re a horror fan I highly recommend you go out to theaters and see Immaculate. Comment and let me know what you think!