Grand Admiral Thrawn has been a Star Wars fan favorite since his introduction in Timothy’s Zawn’s 1991 novel Heir to the Empire. A contrast to Vader’s violence and impulsiveness, however, Thrawn represented the meticulous and patient side of Imperial strategy. Unfortunately Disney relegated the the Thrawn Trilogy to “Legends” status. But… character was simply too popular. Consequently, Disney tapped Zahn for a new trilogy. Likewise, Thrawn became the main villain in the later seasons of Star Wars Rebels. Now, the third installment Zahn’s “new” canon trilogy hits bookshelves later this month. Star Wars and Del Rey have given us a sneak peek with a Thrawn: Treason exclusive excerpt.

Thrawn: Treason Exclusive Exceprt
Image: Del Rey Books

Thrawn: Treason is the final book in a new trilogy that’s provided us significant insight into the blue-skinned Chis. The first novel chronicled his ascension through the Imperial ranks. COnversely, Thrawn: Alliances was a book of two tales, each of an uneasy alliance between Thrawn and first, Anakin Skywalker, and then Darth Vader. In this Thrawn: Treason exclusive excerpt, we begin to see the test of Thrawn’s loyalty to the Empire.

Thrawn: Treason exclusive excerpt

“Ah—Grand Admiral Thrawn,” Tarkin said in greeting. His expression holds anticipation, perhaps an underlying calculation. His voice holds calmness, perhaps with the mental preparation of one going into combat. “Allow me to introduce Grand Admiral Savit, commander of the Firedrake and the Third Fleet. I don’t believe you two have met before.”

“No, Governor, we haven’t,” Savit said. His voice holds guarded welcome, his expression holds wariness and evaluation. His body stance holds a mixture of confidence and pride. “Welcome aboard, Admiral.”

“You may have heard of Admiral Savit through his family’s music programs on Imperial Center,” Tarkin said. The calculation in his voice increases. The tone holds warning, perhaps a heightened political awareness of the strong cultural position of Savit’s family.

“So I have. I would very much like to attend one of your performances someday.”

“You’d certainly be welcome,” Savit said. His voice holds pride and a hint of smugness, reflecting his own awareness of his family’s status.

“And this—” The stiffness in Tarkin’s voice increases, perhaps accompanied by heightened combat awareness. His expression holds reserve, perhaps antagonism. “—is Director Orson Krennic.”

Image: Del Rey Books

Timothy Zahn began to build on the rivalry between Thrawn and Krennic in the previous books. If the Thrawn: Treason exclusive excerpt is any indication, it seems that rivalry will now come to a head. For the rest of the excerpt, head on over to

Thrawn: Treason hits bookshelves July 23, but you can pick it up with an exclusive cover variant at San Diego Comic-Con beginning July 18.