If you’re a fan of Grand Admiral Thrawn, you’re going to want to get down to San Diego Comic-Con next month. Del Rey Books will feature a con-exclusive version of the upcoming novel Thrawn: Treason at the event this year. This is the third, new-canon offering featuring the blue-skinned Chiss from legendary Star Wars author Timothy Zahn.

Thrawn: Treason
Thrawn returns in Thrawn: Treason

If you don’t snatch this up at SDCC, Thrawn: Treason otherwise won’t be available until July 23rd.  Sure, that’s only a matter of a couple of extra days, but it’s what you get with the con-exclusive that sets it apart from the general publication version.

SDCC Exclusive Thrawn: Treason

Del Rey, according to sdccblog.com, will be offering Thrawn: Treason in both print and audio formats. Each will have its own, exclusive features. For example, the hard copy come complete with Timothy Zahn’s autograph and a con-exclusive cover, seen below:

Thrawn: Treason
Image: Del Rey Books

The audio book, on the other hand, includes a usb drive with new artwork, a collectible box (also with exclusive art), and a card signed by Zahn and narrator Marc Thompson. Both the hardcopy and audio version will sell for $45. Don’t expect to just walk up to the Del Rey booth and buy it, though. Thrawn: Treason promises to be one of the hottest Star Wars commodities at SDCC.

Don’t forget, “Mitth’raw’nuruodo” has been a fan-favorite character since the original Thrawn trilogy in the nineties. So popular was he that Lucasfilm brought the character back to serve as the primary villain in the animated series Star Wars Rebels.  Zahn later re-introduced him to fans with the novel Thrawn, detailing the Grand Admiral’s backstory. Thrawn: Alliances saw the Chiss team up with Anakin Skywalker, and then Darth Vader. Thrawn: Treason will push his allegiance to the Empire to the limit.

Thrawn: Treason SDCC

If you want to get either version, you’ll need to arrive early and obtain a wristband from the Del Rey booth.  With the band, you can get the hardcopy Thrawn: Treason, the audio version, or both. The band guaranties you’ll receive whatever format you choose. Plus, you might be lucky enough to score a collectible tote and enamel pin to go with it.

Del Rey will be available every day of SDCC at Booth #2913-U.

See you in San Diego!

Source: sdccblog.com