If you are a fan of Transformers then you will want to check out their newest statue that will be released later next year by Sideshow Collectibles. Joining Grimlock and Soundwave in this classic retro lineup will be the Deceptioncon’s strategic mastermind, Shockwave. Shockwave will stand just over 9″ tall and will retail for $220. This statue will also have a limited piece count as well. Here is the official description from Sideshow

Transformers Sideshow Shockwave

Shockwave Statue by PCS Collectibles

Ultimately, I serve only one master…pure logic.”

Sideshow and PCS Collectibles present the Shockwave Classic Scale Statue, ready to shock your army of Transformers collectibles.

The Shockwave Classic Scale Statue measures just over 9” tall on a rubble-covered Decepticon logo base. This cold and calculating enemy of the Autobots aims his arm cannon, ready to defeat his emotion-driven enemies with logic and strategy.

Transformers shockwave

The Shockwave Classic Scale Statue features a unique cel-shaded deco application that captures the iconic two-dimensional style of the Generation 1 Transformers cartoon as a three-dimensional collectible. Shockwave is detailed with purple and grey tones as well as orange and pink accents on his central eye and weaponry, recreating his distinct animated appearance with expert detail. The statue also includes two swappable right arms, one with a gesturing hand and one grasping a purple blaster weapon.

It’s only logical- bring home the Shockwave Classic Scale Statue by PCS Collectibles and upgrade your Transformers collection today!

You can pre-order yours and learn more about this Shockwave statue by clicking here.

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