Remember in Ghostbusters II when it turned out that the evil mood slime was all because of people’s negativity and it almost destroyed the city? Remember when the Ghostbusters reminded people of their “sweet humanity” with an awesome cover of a Jackie Wilson song?

Okay, just wanted to bring that up for no reason at all. Now I’m gonna leave this song right here, again, for no reason at all.

The Ghostbusters fandom has had an interesting couple of days.

It all started when director Jason Reitman, director of the upcoming 2020 Ghostbusters sequel, was a guest on the Bill Burr Podcast. Reitman discussed how committed Reitman is to recreating the look and tone of the original films for the new film. He even spun a yarn about the painstaking effort made for the teaser trailer. Reitman wrapped up his story by saying, “We are, in every way, trying to go back to the original technique and hand the movie back to the fans.”

Media Fuels Non-Existent Feud

Many media outlets ran with the latter part of that sentence in their headlines. Taken out of context, many took the quote as Reitman making a dig at the 2016 Paul Feig film Ghostbusters: Answer The Call. The film and its predominantly female cast was met with sexist criticisms and online harassment. Many were offended by the implication made that the 2016 film had taken something from fans in the first place.

Reitman later took to Twitter to clarify his statement, stating his admiration for Feig and the 2016 film.

A few hours later, Paul Feig defended his fellow Ghostbusters director, going as far as to call himself a fan of Reitman.

The embattled Ghostbusters franchise is in desperate need of some unity. Thank goodness both Reitman and Feig were able to create a ceasefire. At least for the moment that is.