Saturday evening at the Hulu Theater fans were treated to a sneak peek of the first episode of Marvel’s Runaways Season 3! We won’t give away any spoilers BUT here is new trailer with the villain for the upcoming season.

Season 3 Trailer

Was that Elizabeth Hurley?!?!

Yes. Yes it was.

That’s right true believers, Elizabeth Hurley is joining the cast of Marvels’s Runaways as Morgan Lafay, the most powerful sorceress in the Marvel Universe!

During the panel, Hurley came on screen to say how wonderful and thankful she is to be working such a fantastic series. She gave away A TON of spoilers. Thankfully, Marvel in their infinite wisdom bleeped it all out. They put a little yellow box over her mouth so those of us in attendance were not be able to read her lips.


Moderated by Jeph Loeb, the entire cast including the main writing team of Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage came out on stage. They shared some fun anecdotes about things on and off screen as much and as they could about season 3.

Lyrica, who plays the team’s Wiccan leader Nico, “cast a spell” to premiere the first episode of season three. After the episode the cast came back out for a small Q&A with fans. Oddly there was a gentleman asking about the creator of the comic. The cast couldn’t see who it was because of the stage lights on them when they realized it was none other than Brian K. Vaughn the creator of Marvels Runaways in attendance the whole crowd went up an uproar!

Mr. Vaughn went on to say “It was awesome to be able to watch something I created in the dark with all these fans and no one knew it was me”

Speaking of the Fans

During the Q&A session fans lined up to show how much they loved and appreciated the show. They waxed about how much it has meant to them to see positive teenage role models. The fans tried their hardest to get some more details on Season 3. The cast did go on to say how excited they were to work with Cloak and Dagger soon on screen. They also mentioned how the tone was very different with the guest stars.


While waiting for the panel to start, I had the opportunity of interviewing a cosplayer who was invited by the reps at the Marvel booth. Her name was Sophia. Sophia, a fencing instructor from Long Island, was cosplaying as Nico. She even created her own ”working” Staff of The One. I went on to ask her what was so special about the show. I also asked what made it is that she identifies with Nico. She went on to say how much she identifies with Nico‘s passion for life. In addition to Nico’s impulsivity that gets her into trouble.

I asked her what drew her into the show: “The fact that it was very character development heavy in the first season so you felt attached to the characters”. By the time season two came around you wanted to see what happened when the teens truly became Runaways. Now on the cusp of the third season we are finally getting a pay off on all the investment we’ve made so far.

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