Who wants to spend Christmas with the Robinsons? Well, if you’re a fan of Netflix’s Lost in Space, that’s exactly what you’ll be able to do. Today at New York Comic-Con 2019, Netflix announced that the critically acclaimed show will return soon. Lost in Space 2 arrives December 24, 2020. With it comes new adventures, adversities, and even new characters.

Lost in Space 2
The cast of Lost in Space talks about Season 2 at NYCC 2019.

At the end of Season 1, Robot was sucked out into space and the Robinsons were whisked off to space unknown. This afternoon’s panel opened with a speak peak at Lost in Space 2. The Robinsons find themselves stuck the edge of a massive waterfall on an unknown planet. As in Season 1, they must again rely on each other to survive. Rightfully so; they will face giant alien beasts (including a giant, alien, jellyfish-like creature), humans of questionable character, and, of course, Parker Posey’s Doctor Smith.

Lost in Space 2 poised to thrill

Lost in Space 2
Image: Netflix

According to show producer Zach Estrin, the second season picks up seven months from where Season 1 left off. Whereas Season 1 was about “innocence, said Estrin, the second season is about “growing up.” Along the way Lost in Space 2 will have a scope that is “much, much, and also much bigger.” Included in that scope is a new addition to the cast, actor J.J.  Field, portraying “Adler.” His character will introduce us to a new creature known only as the “scarecrow.”

Adler and will apparently share a commonality as they both had similar alien encounter experiences. While this season will focus in part on the search for Robot, Maxwell Jenkins (Will Robinson) let slip that Will and Robot will indeed reunite. Robot seems poised to figure prominently in Season 2, as well. Zach Estrin confirmed that they will definitely explore Robot’s origins when the show returns.

Lost in Space
Show producer Zach Estrin, Molly Parker (Maureen Robinson) and Maxwell Jenkins (Will Robinson) talk Lost in Space 2.

(Special Note: We also learned that more of the original Lost in Space cast will appear in Season 2, as well!)

Lost in Space 2 roars back to Netflix December 24, 2019, when the entire season will be available.