On Day 1 of New York Comic-Con 2019 That Hashtag Show had the chance to interview Phillip Sevy from Dark Horse Comics. Sevy discussed his brand new comic TRIAGE in which he’s not just the writer but the artist as well. You can read the text of our interview with Phillip Sevy below!

Image: Dark Horse Comics

Where did the idea for Triage come from?

A couple things of the really basic easy answer is [that a] year, year-and-a-half ago when I was coming up with the pitch, I was like, I want to draw a superhero book. I want to draw a post-apocalyptic book. I want to draw sci-fi book. Is there an idea I can come up with a way to work all these genres together? And that elicited the feeling I had when I was reading comics as a kid?

What was that feeling you wanted to draw from?

I can do anything. That’s so wild and crazy that can do things like multiple realities.

I grew up in the X-Men and its insane in the best type of ways. You looked at just the scope of the stories. They can tell and I have no problem with books that are easily translatable into TV and movies. They’re like, oh my God, this is practically a movie as is. I wanted to create something “That is so comic book” like it couldn’t be done anywhere else.

What’s next?

Image: Dark Horse Comics

What do you have planned for after TRIAGE?

I don’t have too much planned just because TRIAGE is all-consuming. I’m writing it. I’m penciling it. And I’m coloring myself and I got to the point a couple months ago where I was like, I can’t think or focus on anything else or this book won’t come out on time. It’s just I absolutely love it. It’s the most creative and rewarding building projects I’ve done, but it’s also the most exhausting one because I’m doing everything it’s not only am I doing those parts because I’m overstating all of that.

My brain is constantly over-analyzing everything I’m doing so as I draw a line, it’s not just like was that a good line? Is that going to work with colors and then work with my dialect. Do I need to rewrite that script? How am I going to set us up for the letter, considerations that I have is an artist, but now. The entirety of the book pretty much falls on my shoulders and it’s my brain is constantly put a million miles a minute. 

After TRIAGE’s run and you get the opportunity to do a second run, who would you want to bring on to take some of the strain off yourself as if you had to take your choice of ink, pencil or writer for yourself with the other two artists?

Good question! Any book or just like you did at Rihanna’s party or something and somebody else sure. Brian Valenza is amazing colorist. I love his work and I believe in little things together, but I’ve been dying to do a bigger project. I mean like Brian K. Vaguhn is like my favorite writer. You know shoot for the stars!

You can pick up TRIAGE at your local comic store from Dark Horse comics today., and you can follow Philip Sevy online.

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