Marvel’s most recent Star Wars comic volume will end this September and be relaunched in 2020. The new comic series will be set in the time between what is considered the best of the Star Wars films, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. The announcement was dropped at New York Comic Con 2019 and the first issue cover art was revealed. Check it out!

Star Wars Comics 2020 Cover. Art bt RB Silva
Star Wars Comics 2020 #1 Cover. Art by RB Silva. (Image Credit: Marvel/Lucasfilm)

Notably absent from the cover art is the galaxy’s favorite scoundrel, Han Solo. During this series, he’s still a Han-sicle at Jabba’s Palace. The main story will focus on Luke’s journey to Jedi Master and his mastery of the Force, but that’s not all. One of the more interesting caveats to this volume is the exploration of Lando’s story. There will also be a focus on how be went from betraying his friends to the Empire to becoming a General in the Rebellion.

Lando and Lobot in The Empire Strikes Back  (Image Credit: Lucasfilm)
Lando and Lobot in The Empire Strikes Back (Image Credit: Lucasfilm)

Following that, another cool aspect is a subplot based on an Episode V deleted scene. There will be a sequence of what happened to Lobot after the Empire arrested him on Cloud City. Here’s to hoping they also tell us what happened to Willrow Hood, the ice cream maker!

What other stories fans can expect from the Star Wars comic relaunch

Charles Soule, Writing Director (Image:

Overall, the relaunch volumes will have a darker tone, as Episode V did, covering how the rebels regroup after their defeat at the end of the film. Series writer Charles Soule (Star Wars: Darth Vader, Star Wars: Poe Dameron) tells us what we can expect:

“It should be dark because we’re coming up from arguably one of the darkest endings of the whole saga and you have to honor that. It starts from a place where all of our heroes are very demoralized. It’s not necessarily a story about a villain, which is what Darth Vader was. It’s a story about heroes who have to pull themselves together and that’s a cool story to tell. How did Luke go from being a miserable dude with his hand cut off to being that black-uniform badass who waltzes into Jabba’s Palace with his hood up?”

Charles Soule, writing director for the Marvel relaunch of Star Wars comics

Speaking of cut off hands, this interior panel by Jesus Saez (below), looks awesome. It makes you wonder if that severed hand will make a return as it did in the Legends novels.

Star Wars #1 interior art by Jesus Saiz. (Image Credit: Marvel/Lucasfilm)
Star Wars #1 panel art by Jesus Saiz. (Image Credit: Marvel/Lucasfilm)

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Let’s hear it Star Wars comic fans… what are your thoughts on the relaunch? Following up on the news about other Star Wars comics. Did you hear about the new Thrawn series coming? How about the new cover and art released at #NYCC2019? Let us know in the comments, and stick with That Hashtag Show for all your New York Comic Con news!

Source: IGN