Hello everyone, your friendly neighborhood Professor Hulk here. I’m about to drop some knowledge on some exciting stuff going on in the film and TV world. Last week we shared with you details on Black Panther: Wakanda Forever; this week, we’re talking about League Of Legends on Netflix.

As many know, Netflix is going full tilt into adapting video game properties into series. Castlevania and The Witcher were both big successes, and now we’re getting a League Of Legends animated series and series based on Dragon Age, Pokémon, and (as previously exclusively reported by yours truly) Mass Effect.

Expect a ton more projects to be greenlit but the one that’s the most exciting is in fact, a live-action League Of Legends series. Unlike the animated series, Arcane, coming this year, this will be a live-action/CGI hybrid and much more robust.

Plot Details Are Scarce, But We Have The Basics For League of Legends

Courtesy of: Riot Games

The series will cast actors and use CGI to bring multiple champions from the games onto the small screen, including Master Yi, Teemo, Thresh, Diana, Ashe, Ziggs, Caitlyn, Lux, and more.

The plot will follow Ryze as he assembles a group of champions to gather runes and prevent the apocalyptic end of Runeterra. Along the way, he and his champions will fight familiar foes.

The show is expected to be announced shortly with a showrunner being announced at that time. Casting will begin in the next few months after that. We’ll keep you updated on the details when everything is fully announced. So, what do you think of a League of Legends live-action series for Netflix? Are they the right ones to do it? Would you rather have more animated content?

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