New York Comic-Con 2019 kicked off with a bang on Thursday. How? By showcasing what will likely be one of 2020’s biggest films. 20th Century Fox got things going with a special sneak peak of the Kingsman origin story, The King’s Man. Between exclusive footage and the treat of Ralph Fiennes discussing his role, the panel did not disappoint. 

Director Matthew Vaughn started by addressing the fact that, although The King’s Man is technically a prequel, the film can stand alone. In making the film, he wanted to create a “love letter to movies gone by.”

He first cited The Man Who Would be King as inspiration for this film. Vaughn’s goal was to capture the look and feel of both the period of the film, and the “adventure, heart and story” of older films. To do so he went so far as to even use the same lenses used to film 1962’s Lawrence of Arabia.

The King’s Man exclusive footage… and maybe a spoiler

While much of the footage shown came from previously released trailers, Vaughn & co. did treat fans to a big Easter egg nod to the prior two films. In a never-before-seen clip from The King’s Man, the Duke of Oxford (Ralph Fiennes) Brings his son Conrad (Harris Dickinson) to an all-too-familiar fitting room. There Conrad, the Duke’s protégé, gets his first introduction into his father’s spy business. Together they fight to keep maniacs like Rasputin from destroying the world.

The  King's Man
Director Matthew Vaughn, Djimon Hounsou, Harris Dikinson, and Ralph Fiennes discuss The King’s Man at New York Comic-Con 2019.

Reputation is what other people think of you; character is who you are.”

The Duke of Oxford (The King’s Man)

Fiennes cited that in noting his respect for the way in which The King’s Man respects “the balance of relationship and action.” From Lancelot and Eggsy to the Duke and Conrad, Vaughn’s Kingsman films value the need to blend both.

There did appear to be a big slip, however, and one that Vaughn quickly tried to downplay. It seems Gemma Arterton (Polly) may very well be part of the “Kingsman team” as well.

We’ll find out early next year. The King’s Man arrives February 14, 2020.

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