In a bit of a shocking announcement, Mark Hamill has told fans he will not attend Star Wars Celebration 2019. The event began today in Chicago, and is the biggest Star Wars event of the year. Thousands will descend on Chicago to view and buy new Star Wars merchandise, mingle with and meet Star Wars celebrities, and learn about upcoming projects. This year, however, Star Wars’ biggest star will not be among them.

Hamill made the announcement yesterday via his Twitter account. In the tweet he voiced his regrets for being unable to attend. Of course, in typical Mark Hamill fashion, he also got in a cheeky jab at the event. He did so by noting fans will make “friends & memories that will last a lunchtime”. You can view the full message here:

Mark Hamill Skips Celebration

Normally we would guess that Mark Hamill is just being coy. He has a penchant for appearing at events like Comic-Con and Star Wars Celebration incognito. In the past he’s appeared as a First Order Stormtrooper, and once as an orange-helmeted Darth Trump. So while he says he won’t appear at Celebration, chances are he just might make an appearance after all.

Mark Hamill
Mark Hamill attends a Comic-Con in Stormtrooper cosplay. (Image credit unknown.)


This past year has been an interesting one for Mark Hamill. He’s been rather vocal when it comes to his Luke Skywalker character, Rian Johnson, and The Last Jedi. Hamill has expressed his disappointment with the way Johnson treated his character in Star Wars: Episode VIII. (He’s not the only one to speak up lately, too. JJ Abrams has some candid things to say about TLJ as well.) In fact, there’s a whole video compilation of Hamill speaking about it. The Last Jedi, and Hamill’s discontent, both continue to be topics of conversation. Perhaps he wants to avoid the subject altogether by not attending Celebration.

Mark Hamill
Darth Trump, a/k/a Mark Hamill. (Image credit unknown.)

But… Again, this is Mark Hamill we’re talking about. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised come Monday to see pictures of him walking around Celebration on stilts in a Wookiee costume.

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