The Wilds season 2 has hit the airwaves, but the promotion doesn’t stop there. For the first time ever, Prime Video has pulled back the current on an immersive experience! As part of their season 2 launch campaign, Prime Video invited social media influencers to their own social experiment. A LIVE Trailer Performance!

“Whenever a trailer comes out, you get one perspective. What’s unique about this is that we’re all being asked to observe and frame things up as we see it. Fans aren’t just getting one trailer—they’re getting multiple interpretations.”

Paul Nguyen, The Wilds’ group creative director.

At Will Rogers State Beach, influencers were transported into the world of The Wilds. Through a series of live vignettes performed by the cast, the experience kept with the theme of the series. Then, the social media creators were then allowed to observe, film, and create their own personal trailer for season 2. 

Check out The Wilds LIVE Trailer Below

In season 2 of The Wilds survival hangs in the balance for the group of teenage girls stranded on the deserted island. However, after a huge discovery that what is happening to them isn’t by chance, but a social experiment this season ups the anty. We get to meet the boys of The Twilight of Adam, who are also in the survival fight of their lives. 

The Wilds Season 2 is now streaming on Amazon Prime! Are you watching?!