If you were worried about the DualSense controller only coming in white, don’t be. In a new leak from twitter user TypicalAsian, there are images and size comparisons of not only the white controller, but the black model as well. This is huge news, because one concern for gamers out there was that the new controller would only come in white at launch. While this hasn’t been confirmed nor denied by Sony, if this is fake, it’s a damn good fake. It’s more likely to be real than not. Sony makes it a policy to not comment on any leaks like this, so until we get official confirmation about a black DualSense, this is all we have.

The Playstation 5 is set to launch later this year. The holiday window is going to be pretty packed. Sony is going to have their work cut out for them in a battle with Microsoft. The white model might be the one that comes standard with the PS5 coming up. That’s unlike the last couple console generations for Sony with controllers from the Playstation 2 to Playstation 4 being black.

Battle For Controller Compatibility And Thoughts On The Dualsense

I’ll take this one with a bit of skepticism, but I like the way the black controller looks. It’s a clean design, and I’ve never been much for a white controller anyway. Hopefully there are more colors for the controllers, because I love my red PS4 controller.

In other news, Sony and Microsoft went to battle over backwards compatibility for their current consoles. Sony said that PS4 controllers won’t be usable for next-gen games. Microsoft hit back with an announcement that all Xbox One peripherals and controllers will be usable on the Xbox Series X.

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