HBO’s The Last Of Us season one was one of the network’s biggest and most successful debuts. The second season promises even more of the post-apocalyptic action and emotion. We have some exclusive information about some of the new characters for the upcoming season, including some information about a possible season three of the show.

Starting off, we’ve got Owen.

Owen – Male, 19-26

Owen from The Last Of Us 2 video game.
Image Courtesy Of: Naughty Dog

Owen is a 19-26 year old male of any ethnicity, who’s physically fit. He’s got a soldier’s body that doesn’t match his kind face. Despite being a soldier, he’s got the pacifist mentality that violence and killing is not a necessary evil. He goes toe-to-toe with Abby, even when others in the squad don’t. He means well, and has the best interests of everyone at heart. It looks like he’ll be a recurring guest star on the upcoming second season that could turn into a bigger role for season three.

Manny – Male, 19-26

Manny is a 19-26 year old male as well, but he’s described as Latino with a big unruly beard. He’s gruff and menacing on first impression but warm, caring, and loyal to his friends. Manny is skilled and highly trained in combat. He’s a recurring guest star with a possibility for more in season three.

Nora – Female, 19-26

Nora is our first new female character besides Abby for season two. She’s African-American and aged 19-26. Nora is the opposite of Owen. She believes that violence is a necessary tool in the apocalyptic world. She’s incredibly loyal to her friends and is not afraid to kick a hornet’s nest to see what comes of it. Nora is also a recurring guest star but could be a featured player in season three.

Mel – Female, 19-26

Mel from The Last Of Us 2 video game.
Image Courtesy Of: Naughty Dog

Mel is a doctor who is heavily relied on by the group for medical attention and the ability to work under pressure. She’s the opposite of Nora and believes that violence is not the answer to anything. She has the option for a bigger role in season three.

Seth – Male, 60s

Seth is the oldest of the new characters. He is a relic of the past. He’s got an old-school way of thinking that is very much ‘us vs. them.’ He’s got plenty of rage built up inside of him and comes off as vengeful, and frightening. He’s a recurring guest star for two episodes this season.

The Last Of Us Season Two Details

The Last Of Us season two starts filming in February 2024 through September 2024 in Vancouver, and continues the story of the first season with Joel and Ellie escaping the Firefly hospital. Ellie is still the best hope for a cure to the pandemic, but Joel doesn’t want her to know that she’d have to die to do so. Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann are back as showrunners and creators of the series for the second season. Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey return as Joel and Ellie.

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