Story Synopsis: Morning Glories Vol. 1

The brightest young minds are accepted into one of the most prestigious private schools in the world, but what is Morning Glory Academy?  Find out what the curriculum is which leaves students dead in this week’s Comic Rewind, Morning Glories Vol. 1.

The students accepted into the Morning Glory Academy were some of the brightest minds in the world.  They all had a bright mind and an even brighter future. However, after the opening of the comic which depicted a student trying to blow up a teacher and a student having his skull phased through we knew something was off.

This new batch of students was eager to see their new school and get a jumpstart on their college and future careers.  The six new students each had the archetypal teen-movie traits: the perfect pure girl (Casey), the rich jerk (Ike), the mean girl (Zoe), the boy with a heart of gold (Hunter), the poet (Jude) and the mysterious stoic one (Jun).  They were essentially The Breakfast Club.    

Comic Morning Glories Vol. 1

However, it didn’t  take long before weird things started happening.  Everyone in the group shared the same birthday and when they tried to contact their parents the parents didn’t know who they were.  

As the group got further into the semester it became apparent it was teacher against student and they needed to find a way out.  However, could they find a way out alive? What was was this school’s real objective?

Morning Glories Vol. 1 was written by Nick Spencer with art by Joe Eisma and Rodin Esquejo.  Image Comics published the volume in 2011.

Is Morning Glories About Teens With Powers?

I didn’t know very much about this comic when I first started reading it.  It looked to me to be similar to a X-Men comic, but focusing on the school aspect.  I couldn’t wait to see what their powers would be.  However, it is not that at all or at least not yet. One of the students or former students can phase through objects and people, but we don’t know anything about him.  It is possible at least some of the students have powers.

The teachers keep saying the students are special and trying find the students who have “it,” but what is it?  Throughout the volume the students are tested in strange ways. One example is the classroom is locked up and flooded with water until it reaches the ceiling.  It is not clear what the teachers are looking for or what the school’s true purpose is.

Comic Morning Glories Vol. 1

Morning Glories Had Big Questions With Little Answers

I am very interested in reading more.  Almost every answer given brings 10 more questions.  Zoe and Jun know something more than they are telling the reader.  A lot of strange things take place in the school and it is unclear how they are connected.  A giant “top” is spinning deep in the bowels of the school and why do they all have the same birthday?  Is the birthday connection because they were looking for kids with the same birthday or are the kids created in a lab or something?

I will for sure read the next volume because I want to know more.  This comic is very intriguing and grabbed my interest like a vise. My only complaint is that I wanted to know more and wanted at least one big question answered.  It was a little too close to leaving me in the dark too much. I wanted a little more information on these big questions.



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