Throughout the forty-plus years of the Star Wars franchise, there have been a number of characters from outside the feature films to capture fans’ hearts and minds. For decades fans have clamored to see Darth Revan in live-action. Likewise, Ahsoka Tano went from annoying sidekick to franchise favorite. She even looks to be the focal point of The Clone Wars Season 7, coming to Disney+ on February 21. You can add Doctor Aphra to that list.

Doctor Aphra; Star Wars
Cover Art for Doctor Aphra #1. (Image: Valentina Remenar; Marvel Comics)

Doctor Chelli Lona Aphra first appeared in the Darth Vader series from Marvel Comics in 2015. She immediately grew so popular that she and her “murder bots” 0-0-0 and BT-1 got their own series beginning in 2016. Though only a rumor, there’s hope she’ll appear in the next season of The Mandalorian. In the meantime, she’s back for a second comic go-round beginning in April. This time Alyssa Wong writes, with art from Marika Cresta.

Doctor Aphra returns for new series

Wong recently spoke to about the new series and the character. Aphra, as we know, is described as a morally ambiguous, “rogue archeologist.” Think Han Solo, only more “scoundrel” and with less innate nobility. Once again on the run from Darth Vader, the new series picks up the character’s (mis)adventures after the events of The Empire Strikes Back.

Doctor Aphra
Character Study art of the good doctor from Marika Cresta.

Aphra acts according to her whims and desires, which gives her an edge of unpredictability. But the second you think you’ve got her number, she chooses to do something that leaves her vulnerable — whether that’s an unexpected moment of nobility or bitter betrayal. No matter which side Aphra’s currently on, you can count on her to be deeply selfish.”

~Alyssa Wong

So what’s next for the ne’er-do-well archeologist?

After a streak of bad luck, Doctor Chelli Aphra is back, hunting for a score big enough to change her fortunes for good. So when she hears rumors of an incredibly valuable ancient artifact, she can practically hear the credits pouring into her lap. Crafted by an ancient group of artisans called The Architects of Vaale, the Rings of Vaale are the last relic of a long-forgotten secret society. They’re a priceless piece of history. They’ll make Aphra rich.”

New characters include disgraced professor Eustacia Okka, the naïve Detta Yao, and villain Ronen Tagge. Of course, our favorite Wookiee bounty hunter Black Krrsantan is back, as well.

Doctor Aphra
Aphra’s new villain. Artwork by Marika Cresta.

Wong perfectly sums up why the character of Doctor Aphra is so appealing: “sometimes, she’s a hero. Sometimes, she’s a villain. She’s clever and hyper-competent, impulsive and arrogant, and her personal life is a flaming wreck. What’s not to love?”

Indeed. Doctor Aphra #1 hits shelves in April, 2020.