It’s time to embark on a legendary quest! In exciting news, Critical Role is joining forces with Quest’s End Whiskey to craft a limited-edition whiskey fit for adventurers and fans alike!

You read that correctly. Critical Role is collaborating with celebrity actor and gaming entrepreneur Matthew Lillard’s Quest’s End Whiskey. The Quest? To craft an all-new adventure, as well as Whiskey, inspired by Critical Roles World. So, what could it be? Well, Sandkheg’s Hide of course! Sounds like a Nat 20 to me.

“We wanted to do something special for our fans, and we wanted to pull something from the actual lore of the show,” said Shaunette DeTie, Licensing Manager at Critical Role. “Quest’s End was a natural fit as a partner — both our companies have an authentic love for storytelling as well as gaming and fantasy.”


“From the gorgeous ‘in-world’ Exandrian bottle design to the delicious whiskey blend to the incredible all-new Critical Role art and story in the journal, we’re insanely proud of what we’ve created with Sandkheg’s Hide,” said Lillard. “We think Critters are going to freaking love it.”

This brand new Adventure Whiskey is derived from the lore of Vox Machina, Campaign 1 of the Critical Role streaming series. Sandkheg’s Hide is a custom-blended small-batch bourbon that hails from the deserts of Marquet. The beverage is crafted from the acidic bile of a sandkheg; which is an 8-foot-tall insectoid creature. Even the bottle draws inspiration from the bottle’s description in the episode. The new bourbon is presented in dark green glass featuring a weathered label, sealed with wax, and adorned with an exclusive coin medallion around its neck. All of which are enclosed within a burlap bag.

The whiskey’s distinctive packaging resembles an in-world shipping crate. The unique box also houses a “found” journal from the Exandrian creator of Sandkheg’s Hide. So, this journal, crafted by Jasmine Bhullar and illustrated by Tyler Walpole, includes a map by fantasy cartographer Deven Rue, narrating the tale of this special concoction.

Quest’s End master blender Ale Ochoa also drew inspiration from in-world flavors to craft the blend and barrel finishes. She incorporates base bourbon notes of baked apple, brown spice, shortbread cookie, and oak. The blend also features whiskey finished in vermouth barrels for herbaceous hints, as well as whiskey finished in sherry barrels for dried red fruit and a touch of smoke.


Sandkheg’s Hide will be sold direct-to-consumer only through the Quest’s End website. It will also be available through their distributor Seelbach’s, as well as on the exclusive site for The sale will run for three weeks only, so this limited-run offering is sure to become a collector’s item.

Available For Pre-Sale April 30 – May 1, & On Sale May 2 – May 23. Each Bottle Is Accompanied by an All-New Story Set in the Critical Role Universe