Find yourself travelling often and looking for something to occupy your time? You’re in luck! Here is a list of our top 5 mobile games to take your mind off of your travel woes. We present them to you in no particular order – They’re just our five favorite!

Top 5 Mobile Games, #1: Don’t Starve 

One of our favorite mobile games looks like what you’d expect from Tim Burton if he made a survival RPG.  Don’t Starve is an incredibly intricate, survival game with several playable characters. Each comes with their own advantages and disadvantages.  Players must grind out farmable materials in order to stock up for longer expeditions in search of missing dimensional portal pieces.  No two maps are the same, and players have both an above ground and ‘cave’ or underground section to explore.  Best of all, the game is offline playable.  That’s a big gaming plus – you don’t have to stop the game just because you got on the plane. 

#2: Alto’s Odyssey

A sequel game to Alto’s Adventure, this mobile platformer is sure to keep you busy for hours.  Better than the original, players take Alto through a new series of challenging maps while catching that sick air and scoring some insane combos.  On top of all the new content, players will also get to explore ‘Zen Mode’ allowing players to ease in and enjoy the visual fun and acoustic pleasures of Alto.  As this is a solo adventure, you’ll have no problem enjoying by yourself even if you are in the middle seat. 

Top Mobile Games #3: Player Unknown Battle Grounds (PUBG)

If you haven’t already played the console/PC sensation that is Player Unknown Battle Grounds (PUBG) you are missing out.  Don’t worry though. You can play it on your phone.  While not the easiest to play if you aren’t online, the PUBG title translates extremely well to the mobile device and is worth checking out.  If you have access to a wifi hub, the competition from the online community will keep you glued to your seat.  For those looking to slay their competition thirst, this mobile title won’t disappoint.  

#4: Command and Conquer Rivals

For the RTS fan in all of us, C&C Rivals is a must.  This mobile adaptation of the insanely popular Command & Conquer series gives fans the RTS fix they need. It’s perfect for those short ‘between’ time moments they have or while on the road.  Battles are set between the classic GDI and NOD factions with a ton of new units to check out.  Each battle lasts typically 5-10 minutes. Players attempt to take control and hold strategic territory to launch nukes upon opposing players bases.  Complete with the tiberium farming harvesters you love, this addition to the C&C franchise will keep you entertained for days.

#5: Candy Crush Saga

A classic if not timeless puzzle game, Candy Crush is not dead yet!  Players have to match different candy pieces in chains of 3 or larger to beat different puzzles as levels progress.  Available both on and offline, players are challenged to compete with friends and strangers in races to complete the most levels.  While not the most challenging game, Candy Crush’s puzzles will easily help you kill those hours in transit. 

So what’s your favorite mobile game? reach out to That Hashtag Show or let us know in the comments below!