Star Wars Fathers #1 – Galen Erso

Star Wars fathers

The best father in the Star Wars universe can be none other than Galen Erso. Galen was a dedicated, hard working father who loved his family. He may have been obsessed with his work for a time, but when his wife, Lyra, finally shows him what his work is going into, he takes his family and flees for the backwaters.

Galen gave up everything he had to live quietly with his wife and daughter. They lived together until Director Krennic finally tracked them down. Plans had been laid to keep Jyn safe, but he lost Lyra that day. He has no choice but to go with Krennic.

Galen realizes how close the Deathstar project is to completion and he really means nothing in the grand scheme of things, so does what no one expects – he lies. He sacrifices everything to build a fault into the Deathstar that would enable the Rebels to defeat it. He also risks his life by recruiting an Imperial pilot to get the message out to the rebels.

While he was with Jyn, he was a loving father. When he was forcibly separated from Jyn, he thought of her constantly and sacrificed himself to give her hope. Do we honor our service-fathers who sacrifice themselves any less?

No matter your role in this world. No matter if you are the genetic father or the man who stood up to stand by a child to raise them, teach them, mentor them. To all dad’s in what ever form they take and especially those fathers who sacrificed themselves in the line of duty so their children and all of our children may live in hope…

Happy Father’s Day and May the Force Be With You.

Boba riding daddy Jangos shoulders
Happy Father’s Day!