So many awesome video games came out of E3: 2019 this year! FF7 remake, FF8 remaster, Breath of the Wild Two, CYYYYBERPUNNNK… But for every game that sounds amazing, there were some announced that earned little more than a shrug. Let talk about the gaming things that no one really asked for.

Witcher 3 Port to Switch

I am a huge fan of Witcher 3. I’ve played all the DLC and reference it as one of the best games of the decade. But when Switch announced a port…. I really didn’t care. Similarly, I didn’t care in the same vein of when they announced Skyrim on switch. From a technological perspective, sure, I think it’s neat… but its not anything… new. It’s cool that it exists for people who maybe have never played it before, but its not something to call your video game friends about. Ports are always cool for the most part, but don’t expect me to freak out about it.

Do We care About Mario And Sonic 2020 Olympics Video Games?

Two of the biggest rivals in gaming going head to head for the 2020 Olympics? Sure, the fan boys might be down to play this. Those who aren’t diehard Mario/Sonic fans, or don’t really care about Olympics mini games, however? The majority of us will stick to the OG rivalry game: Super Smash. (Also Mario, easily won these video games rivalries literally decades ago. Why do we need a game for it now?)

Blair Witch Project

This one isn’t som uch one of the video games you shouldn’t care about, but more of a “Sure, ok, but why?”

A horror game based of a movie that was make in the late 90’s? It’s not that it isn’t a good idea, it was just so far out of left field in terms of IP. Blair Which, while important in a film history kind of way, seems an odd choice for a video game IP. The game could go either way in terms of success/fail. I’m not really caring about this IP until I see more of it.


FIFA is a lot like milk. you know it exists, you know its everywhere, but for some reason, you still manage to see commercials everywhere about it as if you didn’t know it existed. I feel this way anytime there’s a call of duty, Madden, Battlefield, or any IP that has a million iterations that never change. Big time *shrug* at inevitable sequels that are basically a skin over from last years video games.

Fallout 76

Much like Destiny 2, Battleborn, or Anthem, messups tend to happen. When you keep building on the mess up without really fixing the problem, you just throw money away. Fallout 76 seems like one of those games. Just move on Bethesda. Not everyone can make a No Mans Sky redemption arc.

Are there any games that made you shrug? Got gripes about the list above? Let us know in the comments Below!