If you stop and think for a second, the role of the father is perhaps one of the most messed up jobs in all of Star Wars. Of the most notable Star Wars fathers, we have the following:

Anakin Skywalker – too busy killing and marauding the galaxy to bother with fatherhood. Granted he never knew his children until they were older. Even when he does, he almost kills the first one and threatens to corrupt the second.

Han Solo – Han’s feet never did belong on the ground. We do not have specifics yet, but little we do know seems to suggest that when the things got tough, Solo took off to return to his smuggling ways instead of toughing it out.

The role of father is largely absent in the Star Wars universe, which may be why it is so fracked up to begin with. The role of father carries great weight in a child’s life, so perhaps this is why the galaxy is so messed up; However, buried beneath all the failures and absentee fathers, there are a few that stand out. Here are the top 7 fathers in the Star Wars Universe.

Star Wars Fathers #7 – Owen Lars

Owen Lars and Luke Skywalker
The Uncle Who Was a Father

No, Owen was not a father of Luke, but he was the closest thing Luke would ever know to a father, save Obi-Wan to a degree. Fathers are not just being the sperm donor. Being a father is giving the time, dedication and attention to one’s family and children.

Owen was a quiet moisture farmer that knew of Anakin, but he had only met him one time. One day along comes Obi-Wan and tells Owen how his step brother had just destroyed the Jedi and was now attempting to destroy the galaxy. Oh, by the way, here’s his offspring. Have Fun.

Owen knew the terror Luke could transform into and did his best to keep Luke isolated from his dark family. Sadly, Luke just wasn’t a farmer. He had too much of his father in him, and Owen could barely control Luke. Owen did all he could to protect Luke until the day a Stormtrooper patrol ended his life.

#6 – Watto

Watto and Anakin talking
Watto Passing Advice To Lil Ani

I’m sure most of you read this and are like – wait, What?!!? How is Watto a father? Simple. He was the only father figure Anakin had in his early life.

Anakin was a slave. Given, but Watto raised the boy since he was about 3 years old. If you watch Anakin and Watto interact in teh movie, the relationship is very similar between a boy and his father. They do quite a bit of loving banter back and forth. Even the scene where Watto tells Anakin to clean some things up then go home, sounded like something between a father and son.

Watto could use Shmi, but what good would it be to own a 3 year old? Watto kept Anakin. When Anakin returns roughly 10 years after being freed, Watto is actually happy to see him again. Amongst the Star Wars fathers, Watto did alright.

Star Wars Fathers (Adopted) #5 – Bail Organa

Star Wars Fathers

Here we have one of the true fathers to actually be in Star Wars. He and his wife adopt a baby girl and raise her as their own. Being pretty much Alderaanian royalty, servants helped a lot. Bail was also gone rather frequently due to the state of the cosmos.

Bail tried to keep Leia out of his galactic intrigues, but Leia being who she was stumbled into them anyway. Once fully immersed, Bail tries to raise her in the ways of the Rebellion without putting her in too much harm. He proved a wonderful role model for his little girl.