Well if you are a LEGO Star Wars fan like myself, then these latest rumored sets probably have you watching LEGO’s website for the official announcement. But according to retailer ToySanta’s Facebook page and other sites, we will be getting two new LEGO Helmets here in the near future.

LEGO Boba Fett

New LEGO busts

As a LEGO fans I’m sure most of you have already seen this rumor. The reason I am still calling this a rumor is because LEGO has not officially announced these sets as of this time. But be on the lookout for Boba Fett and Stormtrooper LEGO Helmet Sets.

The pictures that have surfaced of these boxes show that they are part of The Empire Strikes Back 40th anniversary release. Set number 75276 the Stormtrooper will be on a stand and have 647 pieces. Boba Fett set number 75277 will also be on a stand and will have 625 pieces. While there is no word on the official retail price for these LEGO sets, they will probably rage around the $70 to $80 dollar mark.

LEGO Stormtrooper

We want to hear from you

Even though there has been no official word from LEGO, many fans like myself have been waiting for sets like this for a long time. Are you excited about these rumored sets? What other The Empire Strikes Back sets would you like to see this year?

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