At long last we have some answers to Naomi and her past. Naomi Issue 5 does a great job of laying out the story both visually and narratively. We can wonder about her future, except for the major roadblock thrown in at the end. You know what they say – Be careful what you wish for. You just may get it.

Naomi Issue 5: Cover 2 Cover

Naomi Issue 5

There may only be one cover with this issue but Jamal Campbell is sending these covers out of the park. The covers are brilliant and vibrant with color. The scene depicted is key to the issue, and would make one hell of a poster. It truly is a remarkable cover.

A Past Revealed

When last we left Naomi, she was being told some of her back story by her adopted parents. Their story, however, was from their point of view and told us, the reader, little about Naomi herself. It mostly detailed the foster parents’ side of the story.

What I really like about the way Naomi Issue 5 was handled was how the story tellers switched venues. They changed the pace of the story by removing Naomi from her foster parents and the cave and instead had her meet up with her friend, Anna. This really keeps the story from dragging because instead of a lecture from the foster parents, Naomi relays all she knows to her best friend. Of course her best friend believes the far flung tale because – well – Superman exists.

Naomi and Anna talk about Naomi's past.
Stories With a Friend

From That Other Place: Naomi Issue 5

Of course before we hear the story, Naomi strikes her hands together and we see out first images of Super-Naomi. I love the gold and black design of her suit with the crescent moon on it. The outfit looks sharp, and we are only experiencing a sampling of her true power.

Naomi Issue 5

I find it fascinating that in Naomi Issue 5 they chose to make Naomi not some alien from a foreign world, but a human from a parallel Earth. She’s instead sparked by some cosmic event that created “meta-humans” for lack of a better word. Naomi calls them Gods. I like the fact this story is being told by a spirit, of sorts, of Naomi’s true mother. The “ghost” of Naomi’s mom hugging her near the end was endearing.

The Race Of Gods

I love the mythology that is being created in the story. 29 people are turned into Gods by this cosmic storm. It sounds cool, but take any random 29 people and do this in today’s world. How comfortable would you feel about the planet’s future? Not very good.

Sure enough, in Naomi Issue 5, one rises above the others to assume absolute power – Zumbado. 14 Gods were killed, 7 fled, leaving 8 left on the other-Earth. While they achieved something of a balance, Naomi turned to be the turning point. The “Gods” could not procreate with each other or normal humans until Naomi was born.

HE Arrives

Fearing what Zumbado would do they sent Naomi to Earth where she could be raised in safety and be a hero to the world around her. Except there was just one problem. Upon using her powers, she showed Zumbado right where she was, and what do we get? A brilliant page of Zumbado stepping through a portal to take care of Naomi and claim a new planet for his own.

The art and story telling in this issue are top notch, and the team is doing a great job of keeping the reader attached. We now know who Naomi is and where she comes from. How, exactly, she gets out of this next mess remains to be seen. Could a friendly Man in Blue be making a return visit?

Where it all started. Naomi #1 can be found here.