The second of four titles from DC’s new Wonder Comics is Naomi #1. Wonder Comics is a series of four new titles targeted for younger readers. Young Justice launched the series and there will be Wonder Twins and Dial H For Hero. Young Justice was a great launch. Naomi is the next one out of the chute.

Let’s start with the artwork and design. Jamal Campbell is the artist for this series. I really like the way this title looks. It is an eclectic mix of a few styles, depending on the need, all of which are bright and vibrant. Some of the pages look like a CG cartoon animation, while larger parts of the comic look like the sticker sets you get when you were a kid. The smooth background is bright and shiny. Then you take thick, removable stickers and place them anywhere to make a scene, removing and readjusting at will. It is different but works well.

I Saw Superman

As the comic opens somewhere in the Northwest, a town is abuzz with the sighting of Superman. He and Mongul are fighting and destroy part of the town. They were present for 17 whole seconds before leaving. The kids of the town saw it and are chatting up a storm about it, save Naomi who missed the whole thing.

Is Naomi Obsessed with Superman?

Naomi laments having missed the incident and as shown by her plastered locker, Naomi has something of an obsession with the Man in Blue. She is at work when she gets a text from a friend saying Superman has returned. She busts out of the dead diner and runs to where Superman is helping the town clean. Of course, she misses him…again.

Naomi apparently has a therapist she sees. We find out she has a Superman complex because she over associates with Superman. Their perceived connection? Both Naomi and Superman are adopted. Naomi has a dream of being special, like him.

Was He or Wasn’t He?

In the second half of this issue, Naomi hunts down information on a supposed Superman siting about 20 years ago. The problem is no one either remembers it or will talk about it. Naomi knows something happened and senses cover up.

She has run out of options until she realizes a rather large sized figure over at the local garage, named Dee. She talks to the giant. They know of each other, but do not talk much. Naomi asks if he remembers anything from back when, and he actually says yes! Although she tried to drill more info out of the big guy, he refuses to offer any more information.

Naomi becomes upset and begins to march out of the garage, but before she is out the door, Dee gives her a date of March 14th, 17 years ago. This just happens to be the same date as Naomi’s adoption. Something is most definitely up.

This is a pretty straight forward and simple issue. Then again, it would be if aimed at younger kids. All in all this is a good looking issue that starts an interesting and unique story. In and of itself, it may not be a lot, but thee clues are laid for a fantastic journey. That is the great thing about brand new characters, the future is wide open to the possibilities.