News for DC’s Green Lantern Corps movie has been quiet for some time. The last thing that was announced the movie is that both David Goyer and Justin Rhodes were hired to write the script for the film. And by June of 2018, Geoff Johns was brought in to do a heavy rewrite of the script, and it was drawn from his Green Lantern New 52 comics run.

But now American Gods star Ricky Whittle has said to Syfy Wire that talks are happening for the Green Lantern Corps film.

The character Green Lantern needs to be reborn. Even Ryan Reynolds came up with that when he killed himself in the Deadpool credits, which was hilarious. I’d love to be a part of that universe, whether it be John Stewart or Simon Baz, maybe. They are both characters I would be honored to play.

Green Lantern Corps Talks Underway

Green Lantern Corps
Image: DC Comics

It does seem interesting that Whittle is mentioning Simon Baz, considering that the film is going to be incorporating both Hal Jordan and John Stewart. But Whittle went on to say:

We know that Green Lantern Corps is coming out. I’ve had conversations, and to be in the conversation is a big honor. That’s all I can really ever ask for. Lots of fans have been campaigning for me. If they can get me Green Lantern, too, we are going to have to do something special. I’m going to have to start doing tours in full costume and go and watch with all the fans. But, yeah, I would love to be a part of that world. Hopefully, they do it justice this time.

Now, it seems like if conversations are happening, then the film should be getting made sometime in the near future. However, the film originally was supposed to be released on July 24th, 2020, and since it hasn’t gone into production yet, that release date might be getting pushed back a year or 2.