After watching the EPIC that was Avengers: Endgame, one thing is clearer than ever. We need Namor The Submariner! Since the MCU will be going in a new direction for their next phase, the possibilities are endless on which Marvel characters to appear next. And it looks like we might have gotten a subtle hint in AVENGERS: ENDGAME. And check out our review here!


In a sequence during the film, Black Widow is communicating with Captain Marvel, Rocket, Rhodes and Okoye. Each member is giving Natasha info on events that are going on all over the world and galaxy. Okoye mentions numerous under water earthquakes happening in Africa. When Natasha asks what the remaining members should do to solve it, Okoye simply says “nothing”.

This has to be a mention to man himself right? Who else can cause such an event? Back in March, Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson tweeted out a since deleted tweet of an image of Strange and Namor with the caption “Are you Experienced?”

Is Namor Coming to the MCU?

If that doesn’t add fuel to the fire, it’s well known that Namor is one of Kevin Feige’s favorite characters. In an interview with IGN in April 2018, Feige said getting the rights to Namor was complicated. Film rights to the character were originally owned by Universal Pictures. Since this is remains the case, don’t expect a solo Namor film. Instead look for a film where he’s just a co star. This is also why Hulk still hasn’t gotten (another) of his own films. So he just cameos from film to film.

Let’s also not forget the little easter egg at the end of Iron Man 2. In the map behind Tony and Rhodes we see places such as Wakanda and then a blip in the middle of the Atlantic. Was that a wink to the Atlantians? Whether we see Namor in Doctor Strange 2, Black Panther 2, or even Guardians 3, one this is for sure, the time is finally right for the Submariner to make his MCU debut.