Former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers have returned to Smackdown Live. He was set to be in action against Chad Gable on tonight’s show. Lars Sullivan interrupted before the match could begin.

The Shake-Up Will Never End

Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers join Andrade, Zelina Vega, and Aleister Black in an odd switch back to the blue brand. Cesaro and the United States Champion Samoa Joe also moved to RAW post Shake-Up.

Superstar Shake-Up or WWE Draft?

It seems odd that WWE officials did not think many of these moves through before the Superstar Shake-Up announcement months ago. They’ve seemingly had that long to plan who was going where.

Rules for the WWE Draft
Bring Back The WWE Draft!

A simple way to get around this would be to bring back the WWE Draft. Based off the NFL Draft, the General Managers of both RAW and Smackdown Live would draft Superstars to their brand. Some iterations saw the “pull the names out of a hat” method. Usually post draft, we would see some of these trades. Which made logical sense, because the two brands has General Managers that would “make trades” to get Superstars from one brand to another. Trades could take place days or even months after the WWE Draft. It always made sense because of the figureheads in place making the moves.

The WWE Draft was fun and exciting, and with the trades it would bring it is a much better than the Superstar Shake-Up.