At long last ranger nation, Power Morphicon makes its triumphant return to the physical masses in Pasadena California. I can not wait to attend this gathering of Morphin’ Maniacs from around the globe.

In one month, I just like other conventioneers will descend on the Los Angeles area to share our collective love of the “Teenagers with Attitude” and every single off-shoot, spin-off, and such.

All being under one roof helmed by our friend Scott from he and his team have done their best in these recent times to give us the ranger content that we missed out on by giving us an excellent online event last year with PMC ONLINE 2021. with those of us from THS, we’re proud to be a part of.

Courtesy of Power Morphicon Youtube Channel

What’s going on this year

The answer is YES! There is so much going on this year. Over 80 guests Rangers, Villains, Suit Actors, Writers, Artists, and everything in between.

Every color of ranger will be in attendance from basic Red Gold, Black, Silver, and even the rarest color; Purple!

But to add to that there are 2 guests of honor courtesy of TokuSpirits.


Captain Marvelous from Kaizou Sentai Gokiager
Black Condor from Choujin Sentai Jetman

In my opinion, Gokaiger had really brought a lot of fans into the Super Sentai side of the fandom. opening our eyes to the Pre-Power Rangers teams (BEFORE ZYURANGER) also introducing us to characters like Black Condor, and giving us a very different style of Red Ranger in Captian Marvelous.

I think these sentai actors are in for a very big surprise when they see the droves of dedicated fans waiting in line to meet them, myself included.

What about SWAG?!

Well, there is always swag at cons. This year won’t be any different, so far we know we can expect

  • Power Morphicon 2022 90s Logo Pin
  • Power Morphicon 2022 Mystery Pins
  • Convention Coin
  • Gold Convention Coin
  • Convention Shirts, Hoodies, and Jacket
  • Black and Gold Megazord and Dragonzord ReAction Figures
  • Artist Series Prints
  • Power Morphicon 2022 90s Fanny Pack

Depending on your level of membership some of these items are included.

You can check out all the MEMBERSHIP LEVELS HERE

If you had previously purchased a membership for 2020 or 2021 they will be honored for 2022!

My First Powermorphicon

This being the 7th show, it’s actually my first chance to get out to PMC. I previously was living in San Diego when the first two conventions happened but at that point, I wasn’t able to attend, then I moved to the east coast. But Since then I have found a community here online and have been able to openly talk about my favorite fandom including becoming a contributor here on ThatHashtagShow. I’ve been to NYCC and local cons but this for me is going to be a completely different experience as it’s just all rangers every day!

My goals arent to pad out my collection with morphers, lightning figures, variant comic covers, and autographs. It’s to meet the actors and just talk to them person to person. Thank them for being a part of my childhood and still something that I love to talk about and be a part of in my own way, 30 years later. Heck, I even have a GokaiSilver / SuperMega Silver Tattoo.

Not only that but finally get to see some other fans I’ve met here online in person! The Ranger Nation is probably one of the best fandoms I’ve been in and is very welcoming! All Power Rangers is valid! From my view and from what I’ve seen it doesn’t matter at what point you joined the fandom all the way back from Mighty Morphin or even Operation Overdrive, you are welcomed!

Before “The Vid” and in my early day here at THS I had a chance to chat with Scott Zillner

This is going to be one hell of a show that will be so loud and epic they will hear it out in the Lost Galaxy!

I look forward to seeing everyone there and meeting you at the Pasadena Convention Center!

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