The first trailer for Pokemon: Detective Pikachu left us shocked and confused. The next trailer left us emotional. Yes, the most recent trailer for the very anticipated live action Pokemon movie Detective Pikachu left us with feelings we never knew we had. Featuring beautiful nature shots and cinematic scenes of peaceful Pokemon frolicking in the forest, this new trailer takes almost a total 180 on the previously happy and comedic impression we were presented with at first.


The mood is set with Louis Armstrong’s classic “What a Wonderful World”. The trailer features some new shots of the colorful pocket monsters being cute in a beautifully shot forest scene.  We also get new peeks into what other Pokemon we’ll be seeing as well as the sounds for Psyduck and Charmanders.

Detective Pikachu: Right in the Feels

There is certainly a lot of information to sift through throughout the trailer. The ending of the trailer, though, is the kicker. We’re left with an emotional Pikachu (voiced by Ryan Reynolds) as he tells a tearful Tim that if his Dad was there he’d “hug so hard, your bones would pop.”

If you haven’t heard of the strongly anticipated movie Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, it follows Tim Goodman (Justice Smith) as he sets out on a mission to find his missing father. The ace private detective Harry Goodmanhas gone missing mysteriously. Along Tim’s journey, he teams up with his father’s old partner, Pikachu. He soon learns, however, that the Pokemon he thought he knew everything about has some secrets up his sleeves. The movie is one of a kind, being the first ever live-action movie of the Pokemon franchise. It brings a whole new perspective to the ever-expanding world of Pokemon. Warner Bros. produced the film in collaboration with the Pokemon company.

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu hits theaters on May 10, 2019.