One of my favorite Disney Animation films is Zootopia (2016). The film’s characters, the story, and a not-so-covert discussion of racism & bigotry find a way to tell an entertaining yet poignant story through Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, and others. So when Disney announced they would be doing a shorts version a la Cars, Baymax, and Olaf I was ecstatic! And will say, Zootopia+ does not disappoint!


Each short in the Zootopia+ series focuses on the side character from the film and what they were up doing while Nick and Judy were on the case. Personally, my favorite one is about Fru Fru, the newly married arctic shrew, and her “The Real Rodents of Little Rodentia” series. What was she up to BEFORE the giant donut almost crushed her? Trying on wedding dresses and getting into fights with her best friends. However, the entire short tells such a loving story about friendship, jealousy, and communication that even adults need to see.

The rest of the series gives focus to one character at a time in order to not be muddled and confusing. We see the journey Judy’s little bunny sister goes on when hopping on the train in “Hopp on Board”. The Weasel gets a fantastic musical number. We get a fantastic mini backstory for Fru Fru’s father in The Godfather of the Bride. How did this shrew become so powerful? Watch. It’ll show you.

And of course, we see how hilarious, Gazelle-obsessed tiger buddy Benjamin Clawhauser put back on his dancing shoes. And no Zootopia+ series would be complete without revisiting everyone’s favorite DMV Employee, Flash the sloth!


I was entertained the entire time watching this series of Zootopia+shorts. I found that they could easily plug and play into the film and world we already know. It adds so much more to the story and characters that I already love. Each short is distinct and curated to each character so perfectly. I found myself giddy and wanting more.

Zootopia+ comes to Disney+ on Wednesday, November 9th! Make sure to check it out. You won’t regret it!