Amid all the rumor and speculation surrounding Star Wars: Episode IX, it was nice to see something *official* from JJ Abrams. Just recently the Star Wars director let the world know via Instagram that he’d wrapped photography on the film. Of course, that fueled more speculation regarding when we’d learn the film’s title or see a teaser trailer. Star Wars UK, via its official Twitter account, only stoked that fire.

In a cryptic tweet, Star Wars UK commented “[t]he calm before the galactic storm….” The comment accompanied a gif of Anakin Skywalker and Han Solo reciting one of the saga’s signature lines: “This is where the fun begins.” You can see the tweet here:

Star Wars UK Hints at Big Things to Come

Star Wars UK
JJ Abrams “directs” R2-D2 on the set of The Force Awakens. (Image: Disney/Lucasfilm)

Taken alone, the Star Wars UK tweet could mean relatively little. Combined with other information we know, and other rumors, however, it could indicate that the teaser trailer is coming sooner than later. This tweet out of the United Kingdom follows a recent rumor from the region, as well. According to reports, cinemas in the UK have already taken delivery of the first teaser trailer. They await only the digital key to unlock the content. If Disney stays true to form, this could indicate a trailer imminently, but likely within the next couple of weeks. (Disney shipped the Aladdin trailer approximately two weeks before unlocking the content.)

Episode IX Production Enters Next Phase

Star Wars UK
The first image from Star Wars: Episode IX. (Image: JJ Abrams/Twitter)

With principal photography complete, Episode IX production now enters the home stretch. Presuming a limited amount of reshooting, the bulk of the work from here on out will center on the visual effects and editing.  (Art design actually wrapped some time ago.) With Star Wars UK hinting that something big is coming, though, fans are now hoping that some of that work is complete, as well. Enough, at least, for Disney and Lucasfilm to put out a teaser trailer.

If not, well, they can always run the fanfare and at least reveal the title.

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