We recently learned that R2-D2 actor Jimmy Vee had finished filming. With another, major Star Wars character completing their work on Star Wars: Episode IX, we naturally asked the question: Does this mean we’ll finally start seeing some footage? According to one source in the UK, there is a distinct possibility we’ll be getting an Episode IX trailer sooner than later.

Episode IX Trailer
When are we getting an Episode IX trailer?? (Image: Disney/Lucasfilm)

According to a Fantha Tracks report, an Episode IX trailer could finds its way to theaters in the UK possibly as early as tomorrow. Yes, you read that correctly. The Episode IX trailer could drop in Europe as early as tomorrow. Here’s what Fantha Tracks claims to have learned from its source:

A major UK cinema chain has received a Digital Cinema Package (DCP) from Disney this morning called TT1-SW9, (Teaser Trailer 1 Star Wars 9). It’s encrypted with a KDM (Key Delivery Message) so they can’t view the contents until they get the key. No news on when they’ll get the key, but they had the Aladdin trailer DCP for two weeks before it came out on Monday… therefore, Friday might be the day, but that’s pure speculation.

Episode IX Trailer Coming Soon?

Any time a rumor or report contains the words “pure speculation” I tend to not get my hopes up. Nevertheless, this report seems suspiciously specific regarding the Episode IX trailer. Film studios rarely if ever ship films to theaters under the film’s actual title (for security purposes). A teaser trailer, however? Especially one that’s encrypted?

Episode IX Trailer
I bypassed the encryption! (Image: Disney/Lucasfilm)

Based on what happened with the Aladdin trailer, my guess would be that we’re still a couple of weeks out at least. Plus, there’s this little film Disney is putting out on March 8: Captain Marvel. While that film doesn’t need any more hype, pairing it with the first Episode IX trailer seems like a good bet.

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Source: Fantha Tracks