Wrestlemania 36

Following news that Wrestlemania 36 would be held from the Performance Center instead of Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL. For the first time in history, Wrestlemania 36 will be two nights of action. WWE’s Twitter broke the news moments ago. In addition to the two nights of action, it’s going to be hosted by former NFL player Rob Gronkowski. Normally, the celebrity hosts are not great, but he’s got experience in broadcast and the WWE. So I’m hopeful.

So April 5th and 6th will now we filled to the brim with Wrestling. This makes sense as the CDC has mandated that there should be no gatherings of over 50 people. If you split the night in half, you don’t need as many of the wrestlers backstage.

For the people out there disappointed or angry that Wrestlemania 36 is going on without fans, I ask you, what else are they supposed to do? I would rather have wrestling on, than not have wrestling on. So anyone else complaining about this is either A. a troll or B. hates wrestling. It’s going to be weird, but we’re in a weird time for all of us. WWE is doing their best to give us some entertainment during this dark time, so I’m all for it.

The card for Wrestlemania 36 is still stacked and could be even more stacked with two nights of action. What matches are you looking most forward to? What feuds are you excited for? Let us know in the comments.

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