Star Wars Resistance has really been hit or miss so far in its freshman season. Until now, that is. Resistance Episode 17, “The Core Problem”, presents as one of the best episodes (if not the best) of the latest, animated Star Wars offering thus far.

[Warning: Spoilers for Star Wars Resistance Episode 17 Ahead.]

The episode starts with Kaz helping Poe Dameron make a daring escape from the Colossus. It takes off from there. The two then embark on another investigative mission together. What they find is incredible, and concerning. They venture to a system where the star seems to have disappeared and the planets have been broken apart, or cored out. (This is clearly meant to represent the First Order’s practice grounds for creating Starkiller Base.) The mystery of Resistance Episode 17 continues as Kaz and Poe track a faint signal to a nearby moon.

Resistance Episode 17
Image: Disney

Resistance Episode 17 Hints at the Evil of the First Order

The cored planets were concerning; what happens next in Resistance Episode 17 is disturbing. They find some kind of village that’s been completely decimated. A lost child’s toy lays ominously amongst the rubble. Not even children survived the First Order’s assault. 

Resistance Episode 17
“Target” (Image: Disney)

Before they can investigate further, however, A First Order probe droid quickly puts an end to their mission. When it calls for reinforcements, Major Vonreg and a squad of TIE Fighters arrive and, of course, a harrowing escape ensues.After swapping droids, ending BB-8’s mission on the Colossus, Poe leaves Kaz to embark on a special mission… to Jakku. Yes, that’s right: Resistance Episode 17 leads right up to the events of The Force Awakens

Major Vonreg pursues Poe and Kaz in Resistance Episode 17. (Image: Disney)

We already know from the mid-season trailer that Kaz watches General Hux give his “End of the Republic” speech from Episode VII. He also sees Starkiller Base fire on and destroy the Hosnian system. After Resistance Episode 17, the events of Star Wars Resistance now fall squarely in step with the sequel trilogy.  How the show will handle the intersecting timelines is anyone’s guess.

It may have taken seventeen episodes for the Disney/Lucasfilm collaboration to hook me, but I think I’m finally invested in Star Wars Resistance.

Star Wars Resistance airs Sunday nights on the Disney Channel at 10:00 pm, or earlier on the Disney Now! app.