Well Star Wars fans it seems like the Force is strong this year at Toy Fair 2019 in New York. From exclusives, throwbacks and candy dispensers there was a little something for everyone revealed for this year’s Star Wars merchandise. While Funko and Lego showed off a few items, Hasbro is swinging for the fences with a huge roll-out for this year.

Funko Star Wars Pop! Pez Release

One of the first announcements from the Toy Fair came from Funko. If you are a Pez collector these are right up your alley. Funko previewed a Logray and Lando Calrissian Pop! Pez figures. Also, for you variant hunters they previewed a Ponda Baba and Snaggletooth Pop! Pez figures with a chase. Some of these have already been found in stores, but you can also order these from Entertainment Earth. Just click on the names for the links.

Lego Reveals

Lego showed off a few sets as well at this year’s show floor at Toy Fair. There are some new images of the 20th Anniversary sets that I wrote about earlier this week. You can check out that article by clicking here. These sets will be available starting in April. Lego also previewed sets from the Resistance and their new “Action Battle” sets.

The Resistance Sets

The Star Wars Resistance sets will Include Major Vonreg’s Tie Fighter and the Black Ace Interceptor. The Tie Fighter set 75240 will include Lego minifigures Major Vonreg, Kaz Xiono, General Leia, and Bucket the Droid. Set 75242 the Black Ace Tie Interceptor will come with pilot Giff Halloran, Poe Dameron and BB-8. You can get a close up of these sets by checking out the brothers brick.

The Action Battle set

Echo Base will be Lego’s first Star Wars “Action Battle” set. This set will come with a small AT-AT Walker, Imperial Probe Droid, Rebels and Stormtroopers. They will have targets on them that seem to be spring loaded and can be shot at with Lego missiles.

Hasbro Reveals

Hasbro this year had no shortage of Star Wars reveals. From Star Wars Celebration exclusives, Vintage Collection and Retro figures it will be hard to keep your wallet closed.

Black Series Releases

For anyone going to Celebration this year you will have a chance at getting The Black Series Dual of the Fates 6-inch Darth Maul and Obi-Wan Kenobi figures. These figures with the Episode 1 style card backs will only be exclusive to Star Wars Celebration. But if you are unable to get the exclusives, they will be releasing them in the regular Black Series line later in the year.

We also got to see final prototypes of a bunch of new Black Series figures as well. Doctor Aphra, BeeTee, and Triple Zero were shown, along with a trash compactor Luke, Ezra, Chopper, and more. Some of these were also revealed at New York Comic Con as well.

Hasbro Hyper-Real

Hasbro also shared the details on their new Hyper-Real line. Darth Vader will be the first figure in this line. They will have metal exoskeletons so it will be easier to hide their joints, giving them a more realistic look. You can find more information and pre-order at Hasbro Pulse.

The Vintage Collection

The Return of the Jedi seemed to be the theme of the Vintage Collection line this year. Which is good if you were one of the lucky few that was able to buy Jabba’s Sail Barge that should been shipping out in the next few months. Hasbro revealed Jabba’s Palace and Skiff. Jabba’s Palace will come with Han Solo, Han in Carbonite, and Ree Yees. There will also be Walmart exclusive figures releasing this spring.

The Retro Kenner Figures.

The big announcement of the day was the Target Exclusive Retro Kenner figures. These will be exact replicas of the old Kenner Star Wars figures all the way down to their accessories. Han Solo, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Leia and Stormtrooper will be available. These were available earlier at Target.com for preorder but sold out fast, so keep an eye out just in case they go live again. There will also be a Tarkin figure in a re-release of the Escape from the Darth Star board game.

So, there has been a lot of great reveals this year at the New York Toy Fair. What reveals are you most interested in? Are you disappointed in any of them? Let us know by hitting us up on Twitter @thathashtagshow or myself @starwarsnerd574. Also keep up with the latest Star Wars news at ThatHashtagShow.com