Those of you The Last of Us fans waiting to see the upcoming live-action TV adaptation from HBO: prepare to wait just a bit longer. At least, just until next year.

The Last of the Waiting?

"The Last of Us" series screenshot showing Joel and Ellie looking at a large wrecked plane in the distance.
Another year until we find out what that wrecked plane is all about.

During an interview with Deadline, HBO and HBO Max Chief Content Officer Casey Bloys revealed that it will be a short while yet before we see The Last of Us on the small screen. Specifically: the show won’t premiere until 2023. He doesn’t specify when in 2023 we’ll see the show. The year is as specific as he’s getting, so that’s all we’re getting for now.

The reason why they’re delaying the premiere of The Last of Us turns out to be pretty simple. Apparently, they just haven’t finished filming for it yet. No, really. Bloys said right in the interview that “they are still shooting in Canada”. Yeah, if they’re still filming, it’s understandable that we still have a ways to go before we can see the series. There’s still the entire production process to go through, and that takes a while to complete. Heck, if they’re still filming even now at the time of this writing, I wouldn’t be surprised if it will take until Q2 or Q3 2023 before we finally see live-action Joel and Ellie. Maybe even later, depending on when they finish filming. You might as well replay the video games while you’re waiting. It might take a while.

The Last of Us: Worth the Wait?

"The Last of Us" game cover art.
Hopefully, it lives up to the game it’s based on.

Well, Casey Bloys certainly seems to think so. True, he was quick to insist that The Last of Us was not the next Game of Thrones. However, he has apparently seen some of the early episodes, and his prognosis for them was excellent. His exact words were:

“I have seen some early episodes and I’m very excited. Craig did Chernobyl for us, he is a fantastic writer and director. What I’ve seen looks amazing, so I’m excited for it, but it will not be in ’22.”

By “Craig”, Bloys meant Craig Mazin, who directed the 5-part Chernobyl miniseries back in 2019. Considering that the miniseries got universal acclaim from critics, I’d say that’s a very good indication of how good The Last of Us will be. At least, when we eventually get to see it sometime in 2023 on HBO.

Source: Deadline, Wikipedia