Sure, Star Wars Episode IX doesn’t hit theaters for another year. If you’re a fan of Jake Lunt Davies like I am, however, you know that some art production for the film is already beginning to wrap. Who is Jake Lunt Davies, the rest of you ask? He’s one of the art directors/designers responsible for some of the more stunning creatures and visuals of the last four Star Wars films.  And now his work on Episode IX is complete.

Concept art for BB-8. (Image: Jake Lunt Davies)

Davies recently revealed via Instagram that he’s wrapped up his work on the last episode of the Skywalker saga. “So this week my contract ended on Star Wars EpIX,” he says. “…which kind of means after 5 years and 5 movies, I’ve finally finished on Star Wars.” Though the name Jake Lunt Davies is not a household one, fans of the more recent films are more than familiar with his work.

The Artwork of Jake Lunt Davies

Davies’ signature artwork permeates each film Star Wars film of the Disney era. He was, after all, the artist responsible for the sequel trilogy’s new beloved droid, BB-8. Creating one instant icon of a character would be enough for many artists. For Jake Lunt Davies, however, the fun didn’t stop there. He was also responsible for Rey’s speeder, Ello Asty, and the creatures of Jakuu. That was just in The Force Awakens.

Jake Lunt Davies

Image: Lucasfilm

Some of my favorite pieces of his work come from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Jake Lunt Davies created the hauntingly eerie scene of Vader emerging from his bacta tank on Mustafar, and Rebel Alliance soldier Pau. From there he went on to create the Pykes of Solo: A Star Wars Story and yes, even the porgs of The Last Jedi.

Jake Lunt Davies

Concept art for Vader emerging from his bacta tank on Mustafar. (Image: Jake Lunt Davies)

With Jake Lunt Davies finishing his design work on Episode IX, we’re hopefully one step closer to a trailer featuring his work on the film. Actors on the film, including Oscar Isaac and Billie Lourd, have already offered glowing reports from the production set. If Davies’ past work is any indication, we’re at least in for a visual treat when Episode IX opens December 20, 2019.

If you’d like to see more of Jake Lunt Davies’ artwork, you can either peruse his Instagram (link above) or visit his website here.