2021 has been a pretty great year for Oceans so far. They have a digital EP coming out later this month, We Are Nøt Okay. In addition to that EP the band is announcing a new tour for January 2022. We’ll get to that in a little bit, but “Shark Tooth” is their main focus.

“Shark Tooth” is a hopeful anthem that’s designed to bring you up and out of any funk you can be in. The track features Christoph Wieczorek of Annisokay. You can get the single digitally here: https://oceans.bfan.link/shark-tooth.

In addition to the fantastic single, Oceans is heading back on tour. The Never Lose Hope Tour Vol. 1 is set for January 2022. It’s not a long tour, but an appetizer for what’s to come in 2022 for the band.

Contra Promotion GmbH proudly presents:
13.01.2022   DE   Berlin – Cassiopeia
14.01.2022   DE   Hamburg – Headcrash
15.01.2022   DE   Cologne – Helios37
20.01.2022   DE   Munich – Backstage
21.01.2022   DE   Leipzig – Neues Schauspiel
22.01.2022   AT   Vienna – Chelsea

Pre-order for tickets starts April 12th, but you can grab tickets via Eventim right here: https://www.eventim.de/artist/oceans/

Vocalist Timo Rotten had this to say about the band and the tour:

The whole world is waiting to experience live shows again and we will bring some to you. We have so much new song material and plenty of playtime, so you’re definitely in for an unforgettable evening. There will be joy and tears, and we will unleash all the power, that we had to hold back for so many months

The New EP: We Are Nøt Okay

The new EP releases April 30th and has four new songs all dealing with the struggles of mental health. Each track has a special guest lending their own style to the music of Oceans. Check out the EP and bundles available here: https://oceansofficial.com/store/cds-lps/

Timo Rotten | Vocals, Guitar
Patrick Zarske | Guitar
Thomas Winkelmann | Bass
J.F. Grill | Drums

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