It looks like the Xbox Series S/X is eager to show that it won’t allow the PS5 to outdo it. At least, not easily.

Xbox Series X.
The white art sculpture, or this black mini-obelisk? So many options.

Kotaku reported that, as of July 28, 2021; the Xbox Series S and X is officially Microsoft’s fastest-selling game console, according to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella during an earnings call this week. Unfortunately, unlike the PS5, we have no hard numbers for how many of them Microsoft has sold. Microsoft stopped releasing those figures to the public sometime during the reign of the Xbox One.

The closest thing we have for hard numbers comes from the Twitter account of Daniel Ahmad: a senior analyst at Niko Partners. He estimates that, as of June 30, 2021; Microsoft has sold about 6.5 million Xbox Series S/X since its release 8 months ago on November 10, 2021. In comparison, the Xbox One sold 5.7 million units in the same amount of time. The Xbox 360. meanwhile, sold 5 million units, also in the same amount of time. No matter how you look at it, the latest iteration of the Xbox is a crowning success for Microsoft. But, is it enough to topple their main competitor: Sony’s PS5?

PS5 vs. Xbox Series S/X: No Contest

PS5 and DualSense controller.
PS5: “I am the winner!”

Sorry to disappoint you Xbox fans, but it’s not even close. The PS5 outdoes the Xbox Series S/X by a very wide margin. In the same amount of time the Xbox Series S/X sold about 6.5 million units, the PS5 has sold 10 million units. A 3.5 million unit margin is impossible to contest. The PS5 clearly reigns supreme in the sales department.

To be fair though, the sales figures alone might not mean that the PS5 is objectively better than the Xbox Series S/X. It could be that Sony is just better at mass producing their consoles than Microsoft. It is hard to argue with sales figures though. Makes of that what you will.


The Xbox Series S/X is officially the fastest-selling game console for Microsoft. At 6.5 million units sold a mere 8 months after its release, this latest iteration of the Xbox line outdoes all of its predecessors. It’s still no match for the mighty PS5 though. At least, not currently. We will just have to see what happens later.

Source: Kotaku, Seeking Alpha, Twitter