When Power Rangers leave the show a question that always pends in the back of our heads is I wonder what so and so is doing now in the universe. In the Power Rangers In Space season finale, Countdown To Destruction, Carlos mentioned gathering past Rangers to fight evil, but T.J. said they couldn’t put their lives at risk. What were the past Rangers doing? We’d assume helping out in the communities they were in which was depicted in the Legendary Battle, the finale of Power Rangers Super Megaforce.

The interesting thing about the Zeo Rangers though is that they never lost their powers so they still could be out there fighting evil. We know that Tommy’s out there with his Master Morpher and Adam opened a karate school and is in the possession of Alpha 5 but what about the rest? Nakia Burrise, who played Tanya Sloan on Power Rangers Zeo and Turbo, respectively talked to That Hashtag Show about where Tanya would be in the Power Rangers universe and here’s what she had to say:

Well, she’d still be a Ranger, obviously. She’d still be saving the world. I think she’d be behind the scenes in the entertainment field like in a record company, and then she gets called, like Superman get called and goes out, and changes, and morphs. So I’d be morphing. I’d be somewhere in the music industry, performing. Then I’d get called on stage and I morph, and I go save the world.

We’d love to see a series from Boom Studios showing where and what some of our favorite Rangers are doing present day. May like a Tales From The Grid comic where they’d be one-shot issues just focusing on different Rangers. We can dream can’t we? For the full interview from Nakia Burrise check out the interview above.

Where do you guys think the other Rangers would currently be? Leave a comment down below!