Disney acquired Lucasfilm in the merger of the century back in 2012. One of the first things Disney did was to cancel Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The official line at the time was that it did so in order to pursue other animated endeavors. That, of course, ended up being Star Wars Rebels. Recently, however, one of the Clone Wars voice actors intimated that Disney actually cancelled Clone Wars because the show had grown too graphic.

Daniel Logan dropped that bombshell in an appearance at London Comic-Con. Who is Daniel Logan? He’s the actor who portrayed a young Boba Fett in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. He’d also gone on to voice the character in the Clone Wars series. Fett would have figured heavily had the series continued.

The Clone Wars

Daniel Logan voices a young Boba Fett, center, in “The Clone Wars’. (Image: Disney/Lucasfilm)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Too Graphic?

“Disney, they cancelled it, I think it was getting a little too graphic. Actually it was getting really graphic,” Comic Book reports Logan as saying. “Boba was doing some really, really cool stuff.  He started actually becoming a bounty hunter.” According to Logan, “at the time it was just too graphic, I think, for what Disney was used to.”

Yeah, I don’t buy it.

Here’s the thing: Disney knew exactly what they were getting in The Clone Wars when they bought the Lucasfilm franchise. The show was always graphic. Don’t believe me? Go back to season 2, episode 2, entitled “Cargo of Doom.” In it Cad Bane literally tortures Jedi Master Bolla Ropal to death. And they show it.

Cad Bane tortures Jedi Master Ropal to death in ‘The Clone Wars’ season 2. (Image: Disney/Lucasfilm)

No, I think this is more a case of an actor, disappointed that his show was cancelled, postulating.  Need another prime example of why the “too graphic” argument doesn’t hold weight? Have you seen any of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies? Dead pirates, buxom whores, sexual innuendo, alcohol and even drug use permeate the entire Pirates saga. So sorry, I don’t buy cartoon violence being too graphic as a reason for cancellation. Conversely, for once, I actually believe the studio. Maybe Logan is just sore about the Boba Fett movie being cancelled in favor of The Mandalorian.

Odd timing of “Graphic” Clone Wars Comments

The comments seem especially odd considering Clone Wars is coming back, exclusively on Disney’s proprietary streaming service, no less, next year. I’d guess that Logan will be reprising his role once again. It’s not a stretch to say that Dave Filoni might even revive the Boba Fett/Cad Bane story arc he talked about at SDCC back in July.

Story Board images of Boba Fett and Cad Bane from unfinished episodes of ‘The Clone Wars’, revealed at SDCC 2018.

Clearly, The Clone Wars wasn’t too graphic to bring back. However, I’ll let you know for sure when it airs, in case you’re still wondering.

Source: Comic Book