The New York Toy Fair, “the only place to be for everything toys”, opens later this week. Thanks to io9, we have a look at some more of the new Zords coming to Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

It seems four new zords will be available: Beast Wheeler Zord, Beast Jet Zord, Beast Racer Zord, and the Beast Wrecker Zord. We first reported the rumor of their release back in December. It’s nice to now nice to see that they are, in fact, getting made and released.

These four Zords will cost around $30 each. The cool thing is that three of them combine into the Beast X-Megazord. When you add-on the Beast Wrecker Zord and the Beast Jet Zord, the Megazord turns into the Beast-X Ultrazord.

New Power Rangers and Plaskool Toys Announced

Not only did the toy makers confirm the four Zords, but they announced another Playskool toy, as well. This one is the Legacy Dragon Thunderzord, and it comes with a figure of the Red Ranger wearing the Dragon shield. This will also cost you $30. This toy, and the Zords mentioned above, will all hit the market this fall. You can see them now in the images below.

Take a look, let us know your thoughts and comments, or just enjoy. Whatever you do, stay tuned here for all your Power Rangers news!

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