Attention Power Ranger Nation: with the upcoming anniversary, the Morphin Masters at Hasbro have given us a huge preview of who’s coming back AND joining the 30th anniversary special.

Power Rangers 30th anniversary cast
Image courtesy of Hasbro and eOne

At Power Morphicon this past September it was teased that legacy actors Emmanual Jones and David Yost were returning as Zack Taylor and Billy Cranston.

Today they’ve added more to the cast, including Steve Cardenas as Rocky De Santos, Karan Ashley as Aisha Campbell, Johnny Young Bosch as Adam Park, rounding it out with Cathrine Sutherland as Kat Hillard or Oliver, (waiting for confirmation).

But who’s the new girl?!

Ranger Nation, the rumor mill is correct! If you haven’t heard by now, introducing Charlie Kersh as Trini’s daughter, Minh.

There is a lot more to this picture!

Now that the AWE of the picture has sunk into your cortex… Let’s look around the photo and pick a few things apart to add to the rumor mill.

First off, we see an Alpha unit with the team. We don’t know which iteration we will be on 30 years later. But you can’t have an MMPR team without an Alpha.

If you look to the far left you can clearly see a viewing globe! Secondly, behind the Rangers is that large Telsa-like coil that first teleported the original team to the Command Center. So let’s assume WE ARE GETTING A NEW COMMAND CENTER!!!!

Now, this is a total guess, but if Charlie Kersh is going to morph that means we have seven rangers on screen. BUT two overlapping colors: Zack/Adam & “Queen” Aisha/Charlie.

If you notice Adam and Aisha are wearing some sort of uniform. Whereas the rest of the cast are in the standard, “I’m this color Ranger and I’ll make my whole civilian outfits match my spandex and no one would notice” motif.

So I’m thinking we are going to get a core five ranger team with Adam and Aisha and Alpha as support back at the Command Center.

I can’t tell you how excited I am seeing this and hopeful with the new direction the franchise is going at the milestone.

Let us know how in the comments below!

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