After so much anticipation, Boom Studios’ newest dive into the Power Rangers franchise, finally hits shelves with Universe! What we know so far is that we are getting more rangers. The word around the command center is they will be wearing the Dairanger suits. Which are the suits that match up to the original White Rangers. Will we get some sort of connection…Who Knows?

Where and When in the GRID are we?

Power Rangers Universe starts off in “THE DISTANT PAST” that’s nothing like the 10,000 years in the stories about Zordon & Zedd. First, we meet the Morphinaut, who looks awfully similar to a certain Phantom Ranger. Something with their Morphin Grid experiment has gone wrong and we jump to years later.

However, we are still within the A47 Galaxy, the same Galaxy that our earth exists in, on Planet 0117. The exact location is unknown, but as we continue to read on we learn that this planet is trying the ascend aka possibly escape. The Masterforges are under attack or closing. Their threat is unknown to us, but it would have to do something with the suspicious shadowed figure in the Morphin Grid.

Phiro, Rhian, Telosi, & Aleia join up with Orinsonth in order to try and figure out what is going on. Suddenly, the Morphinaut reappears leading to MORE Questions than answers.

Thoughts From THE GRID

Nicole Andelfinger, who is new to the franchise, has done an amazing job throwing us in the deep end! It’s a great change to the sometimes slow-paced world-building we’ve had in other series. The artwork and coloring are striking! Great lines, beautiful textures that really pop off the page!

The idea that this civilization has been able to harness the power of the grid and use it in their everyday technology is intriguing. You no longer have to morph in order to harness the grid. Yes, I know Grid Battle force did it eventually, but for a society millennia ago really leads the question of who has been using it since then,

My Power Rangers Universe Theory

I believe that with what we learned in Edge of Darkness about the Phantom Ranger he is indeed the Morphinaut. He’s spent so many years in the Grid his physical form is gone, but his essence has combined with the grid this making the suit a shell. Kinda like when Wally West was in the Speed Force for so long.

Universe Spanning Covers

What’s great about this #1 is the fact we get Virgin Variants and even a HOLO Variant. Obviously, you will want to go and hit up your LCS to see what covers you can get your hands on!

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