Horror movies and massive Blu-ray/4K box sets go hand in hand. You have series that stretch into the double-digit entries and you also have rabid fans that’ll eat anything and everything up from those series. We’ve already done the exercise for the Top 5 Best Horror Blu-Ray Box Sets Ever, but with some time to think, and plenty of new releases, there’s always room for more. What do collectors love the most? Nice packaging, fresh art, and special features. These 5 box sets check all of those boxes and more.

5. Psycho 4-Movie Collection – Arrow Video

The Psycho series features one of the greatest and most influential movies ever with the first film. But don’t think that Psycho 2-4 are any sort of slouch. If you liked Anthony Perkins‘ performance in the first movie, he takes it to another level in the sequels as Norman Bates. This box set is pretty new still, it released earlier this year, but it shows off the quality and care you’d expect from an Arrow Video release. There’s art cards, a beautiful 4K transfer, and other goodies that are exclusive to this release.

4. Amityville: The Cursed Collection – Vinegar Syndrome

While the Amityville Horror story might be public domain, go check out the endless sequels and other movies that come out bearing the name, the actual horror series has some pretty solid entries after the first film. This box set from Vinegar Syndrome contains Amityville: The Evil Escapes, It’s About Time, A New Generation, and Dollhouse. This takes the series from Long Island to California, instead focusing on evil objects that came from the original house and brought their evil elsewhere. This collection is somewhat harder to find and out of print now, but if you do some looking, you can find it for a decent price.

The films here might not be the best horror movies you’ve ever seen, but the work that Vinegar Syndrome put into them is worth the price of admission. You get beautiful 4K scans of the original camera negative in addition to the package of special features that you’d expect out of VS.

3. The Toxic Avenger Collection Tox Set 4K Ultra HD – Troma

If you’ve ever wanted to see The Toxic Avenger in the best possible quality, this is your chance. The new Toxic Avenger Collection from Troma takes the first four movies in the Toxie saga and slams them onto 4K UHD discs with tons of extras. This box set features new embossed art on the front and back. The 4K transfer makes these movies go from gross to great and back to gross in the best possible way. This is brand-new, so go grab it if you want it.

2. Enter The Video Store: Empire Of Screams – Arrow Video

Leave it to Arrow Video to celebrate the legacy and beginnings of Empire Pictures. This box set brings us The Dungeonmaster, Dolls, Cellar Dweller, Arena, and Robot Jox. It might not house all horror movies, but you can’t talk about horror in the ’80s without talking about Empire Pictures. The Charlie Band-founded company gave us plenty of classics in such a small period of time from 1983-1989. The packaging here is top notch with a full color booklet of essays, wraparound art, and tons of lobby cards. That’s not even counting the special features on the disc. If you can track down a copy, you need this for your collection.

1. Halloween 4K Collection (1995-2002) – Scream Factory

The last list had Halloween at the top, and this release from Scream Factory continues that tradition of stellar releases. This follows up the standalone Halloween 1-5 releases from 2021 with a box-set featuring Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, H20, and Halloween Resurrection. Normally with any 4K upgrade from Blu-ray, you’d expect porting of extras over and the new transfer. Well, here, you do actually get new special features like audio commentaries, and a whole swath of new content for Resurrection. If you missed out on the Halloween Collector’s Edition box set on Blu-ray, these 4K discs are still all in print and readily available. They have most, if not all of the content from that set, and they come with 4K versions. It doesn’t get much better for horror collectors than this.

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